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Fujiko-Pro Co., Ltd. - DORAEMON Channel

E-book viewer Clip Studio Reader implemented into DORAEMON Channel, the official Doraemon app.

(December 2021)

Fujiko-Pro Co., Ltd., developer of the official Doraemon app, DORAEMON Channel, released in December 2021, has implemented the Celsys e-book viewer, Clip Studio Reader, into its app. The app takes advantage of Clip Studio Reader’s high level of customizability, having developed a unique DORAEMON Channel UI to draw the reader further into the world of Doraemon.

The viewer UI has been turned blue to immerse the reader in the Doraemon world, and menu items have been changed to feature Doraemon’s tools and favorite snack, Dorayaki, creating a unique user experience for the app.

As well as web content, the DORAEMON Channel app offers free episodes of user favorite episodes of the anime and manga on a time-limited basis and a variety of app-exclusive content so that users can have access to Doraemon wherever and whenever.


Note: DORAEMON Channel is only available in Japan.

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