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CLIP STUDIO PAINT, the highest quality manga production software, now has a function for exporting works in Kindle format.
It was pre-announced at COMITIA109, with a free seminar.

(August 2014)


Introductory Seminar on CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX:
*Only available in Japanese

With CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX, you can now save work files directly as comics for Kindle and distribute your manga easily at the Amazon Kindle Store using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Amazon and COMITIA also teamed up to hold a free seminar on CLIP STUDIO PAINT at COMITIA109 on August 31, 2014.

Seminar details

The seminar centered on the concept of "Create and publish manga in digital format!" and was aimed at people who had analog manga production experience and wanted to learn how to produce and publish manga digitally.
In early September, we provided an open demo of the new version of CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX where manga could be exported in Kindle format.

About CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX's function for exporting in Kindle format

CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX's function for exporting in Kindle format is an easy function allowing you to export your work as a Kindle comic. Simply select [Export in Kindle format] from the menu to export your work as an upload file in the right size. A previewer launches after the file is exported, allowing you to see what your work will look like on a Kindle. You can upload and publish Kindle comics using CLIP STUDIO, the support software included with CLIP STUDIO PAINT. CLIP STUDIO also provides you with helpful information on making Kindle comics, including a tutorial that explains each step in detail from creation to publishing.

About Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Kindle Direct Publishing is a service for publishing books in the Amazon Kindle Store.

  • Free and Easy - No publishing costs.
  • Sell your work in Kindle stores around the world - You can distribute your work to readers around the world via the Kindle Store.
  • The quickest way to publish- The publishing process takes only a few minutes and your book goes on sale within 48 hours.
  • High royalties- Your royalties are up to 70% of your recommended retail price.
  • Supported by a wide range of devices- In addition to Kindle devices, your book can be read on various other devices via the free Kindle app for the iPhone and Android devices.

Click here to view the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) website

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