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Copyright & Trademark

All the contents on the website (characters, pictures, articles, illustrations, movies, etc.) are attributed to Celsys or their licenses are cleared.

Celsys forbids any utilization of reproduction of relevant data such as products information, pictures, and articles over the extent permitted by laws.

Upon using these data, either individuals or corporations are responsible for the utilization. Celsys isnot responsible for the utilization and executes the right when Celsys and content providers regard the utilization as violation of rights such as copyright and right of publicity.

Celsys forbids the commercial utilization of content on the web site.

CELSYS, RETAS STUDIO, RETAS!PRO, ComicStudio, IllustStudio, CLIP STUDIO and other products made by Celsys are the trademark or registered trademark of Celsys.

Celsys reserves all the rights that are not explicitly grated to customers (copyrights, rights of publicity, rights of trademark, rights of design, rights of patent, etc.).