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    Create a more passionate world with us as an engineer.

    With our web services and app development, we support creators in their creative activities and aim to spread the passions of people worldwide with their creations.

    And through these creations, new communities are born, connecting people regardless of age, region, or customs. We use the latest and most fitting technology while entranced with our work, all in our quest towards developing our services to benefit creators worldwide.


    Participate from the planning stage.

    Celsys prioritizes the development of its products based on a thorough understanding and respect for creative culture.

    Each department at Celsys operates from a creator’s perspective and values the opinions of engineers. We foster a horizontal, innovative organizational culture that is not constrained by traditional norms.

    Our close proximity to our users enables us to support and contribute to creators through our work.

What makes Celsys so
appealing to engineers.

Bringing products and services
that creators around the world dream of,
from an engineer perspective.


Our goal is to connect people around the world through creativity, with the support of creators and their audiences.


  1. I aim to construct and run reliable infrastructure and support the creative endeavors of creators.
  2. I aim to provide an accessible web service that creates an environment for users to concentrate on creating.
  3. I aim to support creative activities by providing a user-friendly creative community for a diverse range of users, not just professionals.


We strive to quickly explore new possibilities and provide the best user experience on the market to creators.


  1. I strive to gain a thorough understanding of our users’ needs and work to continuously improve our products.
  2. I want to make appealing features that will be the reason users keep on choosing us.
  3. The goal is to create an app that is easy for creators to use.

You can shape your
according to
your interests.

Celsys has a horizontal organizational structure that supports
a good working environment and growth for engineers.
Depending on your interests and skills, there are several ways to advance your career. You can become a specialist, who focuses on developing cutting-edge technology, a generalist with expertise in multiple fields,
or a manager who leads projects.

  • Specialists focus on the latest technology developments
  • Management leads the project

Celsys provides a great
for engineers.

Work Style

  • POINT1

    Engineer remote work rate

    90% of Celsys’ engineers work remotely.

  • POINT2

    You have the option to work from home entirely if you choose to do so.

    Choose your work location as you like, whether it is at the office or at home.

  • POINT3

    Good work-life balance in the company with over 70% of annual paid time off used.

    The number of paid days off granted in the first year varies depending on the joining date, but it can go up to 29 days.

Office Features

  • Company Study Sessions

    We offer various study sessions, on topics like “optimization/more efficient work methods,” “machine learning/Image processing,” and “CG.”

  • Technical Books
    (All O’Reilly volumes)

    We have all volumes of O’Reilly available in our in-house cafe space, so you can browse them at your convenience.

  • Language Training Subsidy Perk

    We have a language training perk that allows you to take English language lessons.

Engineer Positions Available

Would you like to work with us
as an engineer who supports creators
with digital technology?

Mid-Career Recruitment

Graduates and Interns