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Non-Profit Organization - Arce Rojo (Peru)


Participated in an illustration workshop held by Arce Rojo, a non-profit organization in Peru. Clip Studio Paint was provided for free.

(February 2024)

Arce Rojo is a Peruvian non-profit organization that was created to provide a way to foster arts and culture for children and youths. They implement community activities and projects that can improve the quality of life for children, one being learning the arts, with the aim of nurturing their social skills and overall development from this exposure.

Celsys provided Clip Studio Paint for free for illustration workshops for children held by Arce Rojo, the Peruvian NPO, from September 2023 to February 2024.

This workshop’s purpose was to help the children's self-expression through art while at the same time promoting their social development through creative activities with Clip Studio Paint’s various features.

In March 2024, an exhibition was also held where students were given the opportunity to communicate more through viewing each other's works.

Comments from the students
I fell in love with Clip Studio Paint after taking this workshop. It was intuitive and easy to use even for the first time, and if there were any problems, my friends and I could help teach each other, which was really fun. My family was very proud to see my work in the exhibition. I want to continue creating and become an amazing artist.
I have used other tools to make illustrations before but this workshop gave me the chance to discover how good Clip Studio Paint is. I quickly became familiar with the app and thought that it was a tool designed with the artist in mind. I think that Japanese illustrations and manga are very high-quality and there are many great artists working in this field. I will practice and work hard every day to become a famous Peruvian artist.
Celsys is determined to continue its support for the creative activities of young artists globally through distributing Clip Studio Paint to educational institutions in various countries and regions.

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