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ax Inc & Axell Corporation Deep learning framework “ailia SDK”


ailia SDK, developed by ax Inc. & Axell Corporation, used in Smart Smoothing feature in Clip Studio Paint

(September 2019)

The Smart Smoothing feature in Clip Studio Paint uses an AI module developed by Celsys, as well as the deep learning framework “ailia SDK” developed and distributed by ax Inc. and Axell Corporation.

Smart Smoothing uses AI (deep learning) technology to reduce jaggies and noise caused by changing the resolution of images or resizing images. It can be used to clean up low-resolution images created as web content so that they can be printed, or to smoothen lines that have been blurred by transformation (increased size).

More about Smart Smoothing: https://www.celsys.co.jp/en/topic/2019071702

In addition, Celsys gave a session at Axell Corporation as an example of adopting ailia SDK in September 2019 at CEDEC 2019, Japan's largest technology exchange for game developers hosted at the Pacifico Yokohama Conference Center.

【ax Inc. & Axell Corporation】

In addition to sales of the deep learning framework ailia SDK, ax and Axell provide a variety of solutions related to AI implementation, such as consultation on AI implementation, AI training support, and porting to multiple platforms.

ax Inc.: https://axinc.jp/en/
Axell Corporation: https://www.axell.co.jp/en/
About ailia SDK
ailia SDK is a deep learning framework specializing in edge detection. This framework offers the fastest level of computing by using cross-platform GPU processing. With the ability to write in C++, the AI technology can be ported to edge devices.

More on ailia: https://ailia.jp/en/

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