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Synthesized voices from Megpoid Talk can now be used in CLIP STUDIO ACTION
Increase the expressive range of your 3D animation characters

(July 2014)


Synthesized voices from Megpoid Talk, a text-to-speech program from Internet Co., Ltd., are available in Ver.1.1.6 onward of CLIP STUDIO ACTION, our 3D animation software.

From this version of CLIP STUDIO ACTION onward, you can play special non-verbal sounds from Megpoid Talk, such as laughs, sneezes and yawns, and use special control commands to control the vocal characteristics of the synthesized voices.

This allows you to enjoy an even greater range of expression in 3D character animation.

3D models of GUMI, Megpoid's mascot character, are available for free with the CLIP STUDIO license materials that are installed along with CLIP STUDIO ACTION.
*only available in Japanese

About Megpoid Talk

Megpoid Talk is a text-to-speech program from Internet Co., Ltd. based on the voice of voice actress Megumi Nakajima.

FineSpeech Ver. 3 from Animo Limited is used as the voice synthesis engine. In addition to corpus-based voice synthesis, you can synthesize voices based on intonation input from a microphone or extracted from an audio file, and adjust the intonation and speed using your mouse.

Synthesized voices output from Megpoid Talk can be used for various purposes from narration to audiobooks.

-Megpoid Talk
*only available in Japanese

Megpoid is a registered trademark of Internet Co., Ltd.

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