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KADOKAWA Contents Academy Co., Ltd.


KADOKAWA Contents Academy is using CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX, our manga and illustration production software, as an educational tool in their overseas content schools.

(from September 2014)



KADOKAWA Contents Academy Co., Ltd. has opened overseas content schools for people at KADOKAWA Corporation, government agencies, prominent companies and educational institutions both inside and outside Japan, along with overseas animators, manga artists, character designers, game card illustrators, novelists and voice actors. They plan to open schools in 10 countries and regions in Asia.

The first of the schools was opened in Taiwan in September 2014. CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX, CELSYS's manga and illustration software, is being used as a digital production tool in the school's manga course.

Japanese content is popular in Taiwan - 250 Japanese comic book titles are apparently sold there each month.*1

KADOKAWA's school is expected to enliven Taiwan's content market by producing artists who will combine Japanese content production know-how with Taiwanese culture.

*1: Excerpt from Investigation on Spread of Japanese Content in 22 Overseas Countries and Regions, February 2013 (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

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