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KENAZ Co., Ltd.


Sponsors the Kenaz Webtoon Academy and provided Clip Studio Paint EX to students

(June 2023)

Clip Studio Paint, Celsys' illustration, comic, webtoon, and animation app, sponsored the Kenaz Webtoon Academy, a training program for webtoon creators in Japan, held from June 2023 by the Webtoon production company, Kenaz.

Kenaz Webtoon Academy  (Japanese)

KENAZ Co., Ltd., which creates numerous webtoons in its own studio and provides them to various distribution platforms, is hosting the Kenaz Webtoon Academy. It is a free webtoon creator training program for those interested in webtoons and want to make their debut in the industry. Program graduates will pass through a review process into the Webtoon Creator Debut Class, where they will have the opportunity to make their debut on Apple Books.

Participants received a Clip Studio Paint EX 3-month license (single device) that they can use for the 8-week curriculum.

Celsys is a sponsor of this creator development program to support the creative activities of those who want to start making webtoons.

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