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CLIP STUDIO PAINT is compatible with the new Surface pen. In addition, CLIP STUDIO PAINT’s performance has been optimized to operate on the new Surface Pro and Surface Studio.Also compatible with Surface Dial.

(June 2017)

The “Microsoft Japan Surface Event” was held on May 5th, 2017 at the Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa in Tokyo by Microsoft Japan. At the event, the new additions to the Surface series, the new Surface Pro and Surface Studio which will be available from June 15th as well as the new Surface Laptop which will be available from July 20th, were introduced.

The first topic of the presentation was CLIP STUDIO PAINT. When introducing Surface Studio, Microsoft Corporations Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Devices,Panos Panay, displayed a video and stated, “Allowing creators to bring their best ideas to life, creating blueprints, graphic illustrations, comic books.I want to show you an application that brings that to life. CELSYS,this is one of the earliest pioneers in establishing Japan’s leadership in graphics and media; providing leading artist tools for anime.These artists, we’d love for them to use Studio and Dial to bring their content to life.”

We also received a special comment from Executive Managing Officer,Consumer Channels Group, Yoshinami Takahashi.

“First, I’d like to congratulate CELSYS on making CLIP STUDIO PAINT compatible with the Surface Dial and the new Surface pen as well as creating a universal Windows application version of the software. This announcement by CELSYS has two meanings for us. Firstly, it means we have a software which we can utilize the capabilities of our new hardware. And secondly, it means we are able to provide this software via the Windows Store. This allows us to provide our users with better value in the form of better hardware and better applications. We look forward to working with CELSYS to creative a new wave innovation in illustration and animation.”


In conjunction with the launch of Microsoft’s new products, CLIP STUDIO PAINT has become compatible with the new Surface pen. In addition, CLIP STUDIO PAINT’s performance has been optimized to operate on the new Surface Pro and Surface Studio. Not only is the wheel shaped device, the Surface Dial, is also compatible, a new UI has also been added. On June 15th, CLIP STUDIO PAINT’s universal Windows app was added to the Windows store. On the same day, the Japanese version was updated to Ver.1.6.6.

With the universal Windows app version and the Ver.1.6.6 update, using the Surface Dial will enable you to magnify and rotate a canvas, change brush size, move within a timeline, and rotate rulers. In addition to the new Surface pen and corresponding terminals, we have supported pen pressure sensitivity that has over 4096 pressure points as well as a directional tilt detection function.

Lastly, I would like to mention the comment from Tomoaki Yokotsuka, our Director in charge of development.

I am very proud of the fact that we are able to create in such great quality using CLIP STUDIO PAINT and Surface. Of courses, allowing creators to express themselves in the way they want,  is most important. But it will be even more grand when we surpass our customer’s expectations. Just having a pen with such light pressure-sensitivity is a great improvement for our users. And at the same time, we plan to enhance our support for users on the hardware as well as software sides of things. I'm looking forward to the day that we can focus creation to develop a future where creation itself can progress.

Microsoft Japan's Event Report

※Content about CELSYS starts from 19:50

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