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Pyramid, Inc. / Fumikane Shimada


【“Alice Gear Aegis” Creator interview】
Use cases: 3D modeling feedback and QA

Pyramid, Inc.
President Junichi Kashiwagi
Design dpt. Manager Naoto Tanaka

Illustrator Fumikane Shimada

(July, 2019)

Game studio Pyramid presents “Alice Gear Aegis,” the 3D shooter where you fight alongside mecha-armed characters! We had the opportunity to sit down with character designer Fumikane Shimada, who kindly explained how Clip Studio Paint was used to provide feedback to the 3d modeling team.

【Pyramid, Inc.】

Developing high-quality games for countless users.

Pyramid, Inc, has long been involved in the development of consumer games and boasts a long repertoire of arcade games, browser-based games, console ports, and VR projects. Joining the COLOPL group in Sept 2015, Pyramid officially entered the smartphone market. However, our core philosophy, the same philosophy that has lead us to create and run the action-packed “Alice Gear Aegis,” has never wavered regardless of the platform; create fun games.

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【Alice Gear Aegis】

Fight alongside your mecha-armed allies in “Alice Gear Aegis,” the groundbreaking mobile game by game development studio “Pyramid” and Mobile game studio “COLOPL”! 
With character designs by Fumikane Shimada, mecha designs by  Kanetake Ebikawa and Takayuki Yanase, and audio by “ZUNTATA,” “Alice Gear Aegis” was made by well-known creators with the skill to back their popularity up!
Collaborations with  “Megami Device” and “figma” are currently in progress, with much more planned in the future!

【Official website】
【Official Twitter】

※Official hashtag;  #アリスギア

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