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CELSYS Rating Standards

Pornography or other depictions of sexual content

(1) Depictions of nudity (including but not limited to genitals, pubic hair, buttocks, breasts, female nudity with only breasts covered, extremely revealing clothing/swimsuits, and exposed underwear). This includes cases where a mosaic or blur effect has been used to cover genitals.

(2) Depictions of sexual activity (including but not limited to sexual activity (regardless of orientation), masturbation, sexual fluids, bondage/BDSM, promiscuity, immoral behavior (e.g. extramarital affairs), deep kissing, sexually charged embraces and suggestive images such as clothed petting).

(3) Depictions of sex-related crimes (including but not limited to rape, sexual harassment, prostitution, and incest).

Depictions of violence

(1) Excessive violence or grotesque scenes (including but not limited to murder, dead bodies, large amounts of blood, and torture). This includes cases where a mosaic or effect has been used to conceal excessive violence in scenes.

(2) Depictions of violence or fighting (including fistfighting and other physical fighting other than combat sports)

(3) Content aimed to induce fear (e.g. images intended to psychologically induce fear in the viewer)

Depictions of antisocial behavior and information that is inappropriate for minors

Content that encourages antisocial behavior

(1) Information on illegal behavior (including depictions of illegal behavior ordinances, such as heavy weapons, drug dealing and/or use, fraud, hired murder, threats, illegal gambling, abuse, or content containing information that may aid in such behaviors)

(2) Encouragement of bullying or harassment (including depictions of bullying or harassment methods, or content that portrays such behavior as acceptable)

(3) Encouragement of suicide (including depictions of specific suicide or self-harm methods)

Content that is unsuitable for minors

(1) Depictions of gambling (any gambling or betting activities including slot machines, betting on horse races/games/sports, and online casinos).

(2) Encouragement of underage drinking or smoking (depictions of minors drinking/smoking or purchasing alcohol/cigarettes, etc.).

(3) Information on services that are prohibited for people under 18 (such as information on sex shops, adult websites, dating sites, etc., or depictions of their use).

Content that contains inappropriate speech and ideas

(1) Depictions and/or speech that encourages or supports discrimination.

(2) Expressions that can be construed as glorification or criticism of an actual person, country, national flag, race, ethnicity, religion, ideology, or political party.

About Rating Standards

・ Content that violates any law or regulations (including the terms of service stipulated by Celsys) cannot be posted to Celsys services regardless of whether they comply with these rating standards.

・ These rating standards exist to assist users in knowing whether they should set a rating to content they post. Celsys does not guarantee the legality or appropriateness of these rating standards.

・ Celsys accepts no responsibility for expressions included in contents with a rating, and ratings set by content publishers based on these rating standards.

・ Celsys cannot respond to inquiries about these Rating Standards such as to confirm whether specific content requires a rating.

・ You may not reproduce, alter, or quote part or all of these rating standards without prior permission from Celsys.

Original Version: 2007/09/28

Last modified: 2020/03/26