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"CLIP STUDIO PAINT" Worldwide Upgrade Support for the new Surface Pen and enhancing 3D functions German version now also available

CELSYS just released the latest version (1.6.7) of illustration - manga - animation production software "CLIP STUDIO PAINT" today, on Thursday, September 7th, 2017. In this latest version, various functions have been added, such as the support for the new Surface Pen, enhanced 3D functionality, as well as the linking to animation production software "OpenToonz". Users of CLIP STUDIO PAINT can update their product free of charge.


In addition, the long-requested German language version has also been added. Now CLIP STUDIO PAINT is compatible with seven languages, including Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese (Traditional), French and Spanish, which were already in service.

Main updates in Version 1.6.7 (2017/9/7)
-Now Supports German Language


-Now Supports Surface Pen

CLIP STUDIO PAINT can be used on Surface Studio and Surface Pro. Furthermore, supports the 4096 pressure point pen pressure sensitivity and the directional tilt detection feature of the new Surface Pen* and the devices it is compatible with.

-Compatible with operations using Surface Dial

With the Surface Dial it’s possible to magnify and rotate canvases, undo, adjust brush size, move along timelines, and rotate the parallel line ruler. 

- [All sides view] palette

With the [All sides view] palette, it is now possible to verify 3D layers from 4 different direction. Aside from confirming the placement of 3D materials, the position of the focal point and camera can also be adjusted.

-It is now possible to upload materials to ASSETS

You can now share your original materials with the world.

-OpenToonz Scene file has been added to the Export animation feature
Cels and Timelines created in CLIP STUDIO PAINT can be exported as a OpenToonz Scene File.

-Workspaces can be registered as material now
Palette Layout, Shortcut Settings, Command Bar Settings, and Unit Settings of preferences can be registered to Workspace materials. 
Not only can Registered materials be added to the [Material] palette, but also distributed in CLIP STUDIO ASSETS.
Workspace materials registered in CLIP STUDIO ASSETS can be imported and applied to your preferences.

-Layer thumbnail is now displayed in timeline palette
Since a layer thumbnail is now displayed in timeline palette of animation window, it is now easier to distinguish timeline information and display switching of cels. View settings can be changed in palette menu.

-Animated sticker (APNG) files can now be exported
Can now export in APNG format using [Export animation]. Products such as Line Animated Stickers can be created.

See details here

CELSYS supports creators globally by the production, the browsing and the distribution of graphic contents utilizing IT technology.
We also offer services to support their creative activities by illustration, manga and animation productionsoftware “CLIP STUDIO PAINT”,web service “CLIP STUDIO”,as well as the e-book solution, “BS Reader"for content creation, distribution and browsing.

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