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"CLIP STUDIO", creative support service's worldwide registered creators exceed 1,000,000.

The number of registered users of "CLIP STUDIO", the creative support service run by CELSYS, Inc., has exceeded 1,000,000.


CLIP STUDIO is a creator support service available in 7 languages: Japanese, English, Chinese(Traditional Chinese), Korean, French, Spanish, and German. Creators worldwide can communicate freely without barriers, sharing tips and questions on creating in general. "CLIP STUDIO" also hosts many other services, such as providing useful materials for graphics software such as the manga, illustration and animation software “CLIP STUDIO PAINT”, lessons to better use the software, and user support throughout the year.

"CLIP STUDIO PAINT", developed and sold by CELSYS, is also available in the previously mentioned 7 languages. With 50% of all shipments made overseas, CLIP STUDIO PAINT has fast become the global standard for creators all over the world.

Services available in "CLIP STUDIO"
"CLIP STUDIO ASK" is a Q&A service for graphic-based creators of illustration, manga, 3D, and animation. Creators can freely share how to use software such as CLIP STUDIO PAINT,  drawing tips, and troubleshooting methods. Posts are automatically translated and made available for a total of 7 languages, enabling creators to effortlessly communicate with other creators all over the world.

Users can download useful materials such as tones, brushes, and 3D data to use in illustrations, manga, and animation, or upload materials that they have created themselves. These materials can be imported into CLIP STUDIO PAINT and used in creative projects.

Users can learn and share how to use illustration/manga/3D/animation software, creative techniques, and tips and tricks. With TIPS, users can share their creative know-how with creators around the world.

CELSYS supports creators globally by the production, the browsing and the distribution of graphic contents utilizing IT technology.
We also offer services to support their creative activities by illustration, manga and animation production software “CLIP STUDIO PAINT”, web service “CLIP STUDIO”, as well as the e-book solution, “BS Reader” for content creation, distribution and browsing.

URL : https://www.celsys.co.jp/en/
CLIP STUDIO PAINT : http://www.clipstudio.net/en/
facebook : https://www.facebook.com/celsys.clipstudiopaint/

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