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Announcing Winners of the European Comic Schools Contest Entered by 26 Schools

Celsys is pleased to announce today the results of the European Comic Schools Contest for students of European schools teaching illustration and design.

Contest results:https://www.mangadraft.com/contests/european-comic-schools-contest-2018.en

This contest was based on the theme of “buddies” and we accepted submissions from January 31 to May 10, 2018. We received 95 entries in the Comic Category and 162 entries in the Illustration Category. The submissions were published to MANGADRAFT(https://www.mangadraft.com/), the largest comics hosting site in France, and were open for public voting by MANGADRAFT users from May 11 to June 10.Taking into account the results of the public voting, the submissions were judged by comic artists Ken Niimura and Yoshiyasu Tamura, as well as the companies organizing and supporting the contest. Three winners were selected from each category.

The winners will receive prize money as well as a copy of Clip Studio Paint and a Wacom Intuos Pro (Paper Edition).

CELSYS will continue to hold comic and illustration contests for art students in even more regions next year. We will continue to support creators across the world and raise their profile, such as by giving artists chances to showcase their work in future contests.

Case studies: https://www.celsys.co.jp/en/clipsolution/

Comic Category Winning Entries
Story name: The Sketchbook
Author: Sara Marino (Italy)
School name: Scuola Internazionale di Comics Napoli
URL: https://www.mangadraft.com/comics/the-sketchbook
The art is very good. I like that this artist drew from lots of different angles。 However, the composition is haphazard at times, particularly the orientation of the characters, which makes it a little hard to read. I think if this artist studied the classic principles of camerawork in film-making such as the 180-degree rule, then the composition would improve a lot. The personalities of the characters is also a little weak, particularly the main character. It’s not clear why he fights with the other character, which weakens the impact at the end. If the reason for the fight and its resolution was included, this comic would be even better. (Yoshiyasu Tamura)

Author: ingaliburmester (Germany)
School name: Kunsthochschule Kassel
URL: https://www.mangadraft.com/bd/cool-cops-on-the-case
The story flows really well from beginning to end. I was won over the characters, who are interestingly written, and very alive thanks to their expressiveness.
(Ken Niimura)

Author: Roquette (France)
School name: Human Academy Europe
URL: https://www.mangadraft.com/manga/robotetlawebstar
The exchanges through social media and in conversation create a sense of foreshadowing and the story has quite a fast pace, but it still leads to the conclusion in a satisfying and natural way. The artist excellently capturing the unwavering trust between the main character and the robot. (CELSYS)

Illustration Category Winning Entries
Story name: "Goodbye, my friend"
Author: LenderShell (Italy)
School name: Scuola del Fumetto Palermo
URL: https://www.mangadraft.com/artbook/goodbye-my-friend
We were moved by this unexpected setting. The art is very good, especially the main character, which stands out against the cherry blossoms despite the muted color scheme. The illustration as a whole has a lot of careful details that really make it feel like a Japanese grave. (CELSYS)

Story name: Halloween Tales
Author: Miriápodo (Spain)
School name: O Garaxe Hermetico
URL: https://www.mangadraft.com/artbook/halloween-tales
The way the eye is led around the page is really excellent. Although there are a lot of characters, the tree in the background naturally leads the eye to the characters below. The characters are diverse and distinct with a lot of variation. This is the kind of quality that you could use for the cover of a comic or illustrated book. It feels like you could create a story just from this illustration. (Yoshiyasu Tamura)

Story name: ANGES NOIRS
Author: Koralia (France)
School name: Human Academy Europe
URL: https://www.mangadraft.com/artbook/anges-noirs
The symmetrical composition is very pleasing to look at. There’s a good contrast not only with the colors but also with the different elements of the painting. They really captured the different essences of light and dark. We certainly want these two characters to become good friends. (CELSYS)

Sponsors & Prizes

Amutus Corporation
Provider of “Meccha comics”, one of the most accessed e-manga distribution services in Japan’s e-book market.

One of the largest digital content download shops in Japan. Available in English and other languages.

Wacom Co Ltd
Global leader in pen tablets, pen tablet displays and digital interface technology.

Coamix Inc.
Manga publisher founded by Japan's most successful manga creators. The company also runs the "SILENT MANGA AUDITION®" competition.


Toutlemonde Production Co.,Ltd.

Comic Category
1,000 Euros / CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO / Wacom Intuos Pro (Paper Edition) 

Illustration Category
200 Euros / CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO / Wacom Intuos Pro (Paper Edition) 

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