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Celsys to Attend Manga Koshien Contest - Supporting High School Students to Create Digital Art with Clip Studio Paint -

Celsys will be attending the 27th Manga Koshien contest, a national manga contest for high school students, to be held on August 4 and 5 in Kochi Prefecture, Japan.

■ Manga Koshien Official Site (Japanese)

Manga Koshien is a knockout manga tournament for high school students, where schools form teams of three to five people to create a manga. Teams that pass the qualifying round are invited to the competition, during which they create a manga based on a theme announced at the competition. The teams battle to create the best finished manga.

This year’s Manga Koshien had 301 applicants for the qualifying rounds: 272 schools from Japan, 6 schools from Korea, 4 schools from Singapore, and 19 schools from Taiwan. Celsys gifted free copies of its graphics software Clip Studio Paint DEBUT to students at over 230 competing schools who requested the software.

From tomorrow, we will team up with Epsom and Wacom to prepare a booth demonstrating a real digital manga production environment at the contest hall. We will also be providing Clip Studio Paint EX on the contest computers. In recent years, Manga Koshien has seen more and more applicants from overseas. By providing a digital manga production environment in this year’s contest, we will make it easier for overseas teams to compete.

We will gift Clip Studio Paint EX, the highest grade of our software, to several of the winning teams as an extra prize.

Clip Studio Paint DEBUT is a painting software with many useful features and a natural, smooth drawing feel. It is suitable for all kinds of digital creation and is easy for even beginners to use. The higher grades, Clip Studio Paint PRO and Clip Studio Paint EX, are loved by professional creators, so this is an excellent software for young creators to learn so that it can help them in their future careers.


Celsys will have a digital creation booth and shop corner at the Manga Koshien contest hall. Visitors are welcome to try out Clip Studio Paint on the latest pen tablet and tablet PCs. Gaku Kuze, author of Torimania now published by GanGan Online (Square Enix) will also attend for a live drawing!

■ Live Drawing Schedule
Time and date: 14:00–15:00, August 5
Location: 7F Kochi City Culture-Plaza Cul-port, Exhibition Hall 1 & 2

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