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Announcing the 23rd Clip Studio International Illustration Contest on the Theme of “Animals”

Celsys, the makers of popular creative software Clip Studio Paint, will hold their 23rd International Illustration Contest for artists worldwide beginning March 17, 2020. The theme for the contest is “Animals.” 

Global artists interested in entering the contest are encouraged to submit their best works matching the event’s theme.

▼23rd International Illustration Contest 


Illustration: Sam Nassour

Celsys organizes international illustration contests several times per year. The last contest accrued over 900 submissions from 79 countries.

The contest is intended to support creators around the world and broaden the reach of illustrated works. Winners of the contest are eligible for cash prizes and creative goods, as well as the opportunity to have their works viewed by countless fans on Facebook, Twitter and in mass media. 

【Contest Details】


Submissions accepted: March 17–April 8, 2020 (deadline 11:59 pm GMT)
Results announced: April 24, 2020 (subject to change)

▼Submission Guidelines
Submit works up to 5 MB in .png or .jpg format via the submission form. Derivative works (dojinshi, fan art, reproductions) are not accepted.

Please check the Clip Studio Paint Facebook page for further details: 

● Grand Prize: 200,000 yen 
● Runner Up: 50,000 yen 
● 3rd - 5th Place: 10,000 yen OR 1 Clip Studio Paint EX Download Ver. license
● 6th - 10th Place: Clip Studio Paint PRO Download Ver. license OR 5,000 GOLD points for use in the Clip Studio ASSETS materials shop
● Honorable Mention Winners (approx. 10 winners): 1,000 GOLD points for Clip Studio ASSETS OR US$10 discount code for Clip Studio Paint OR Clip Studio Paint DEBUT

Clip Studio Paint https://www.clipstudio.net/en/

【Clip Studio Paint】
Developed by Celsys, Inc., Clip Studio Paint is one of the premier creation software packages available to both hobbyists and professionals in the realms of illustration, manga and comics creation, animation and digital art. Clip Studio Paint has been available worldwide since 2012, and reaches 6 million users across numerous regions and languages. The software is particularly praised for its realistic brush engine that mimics the style and feel of traditional brushes.

Corporate site: https://www.celsys.co.jp/en/
Clip Studio Paint site: http://www.clipstudio.net/en/    
Twitter: https://twitter.com/clipstudiopaint

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