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Release of Clip Studio Paint for Galaxy, the artist's app for drawing and painting Available from August 21 in the Galaxy Store worldwide Free of charge for the first six months

Celsys is pleased to announce the release of “Clip Studio Paint for Galaxy”*1 for the Samsung Galaxy series from August 21 in Galaxy stores worldwide.*2

Clip Studio Paint for Galaxy is an illustration, manga, and animation app with all the same functions as the versions for Windows, macOS, iPad and iPhone. You can use it free for 6 months when you download the app from the Galaxy Store. After the free offer ends, you can sign up for a monthly plan for your preferred devices (Galaxy / Windows / macOS / iPad / iPhone ) and preferred payment plan to continue using the app. Clip Studio Paint for Galaxy will come preinstalled on the new Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+, the first Android device with Clip Studio Paint, so that artists can start using the app immediately.*3 Users on smartphone devices can sign up for a plan or use the app for one hour per day for free without a plan.

Galaxy Storehttps://www.samsung.com/galaxystore/


The app has high compatibility with the S Pen for Galaxy devices, taking advantage of features such as pen sensitivity and Air Actions. Air Actions allow you to quickly switch tools without touching the screen simply by moving the stylus, so you can enjoy a smooth drawing experience with efficient gesture shortcuts. If you don’t have an S Pen, you can use the app by connecting with a Wacom Intuos pen tablet or Wacom One LCD tablet to use the app.

Clip Studio Paint for Galaxy App Information

App Name
Clip Studio Paint for Galaxy

Galaxy Store  

Free for six months with the EX grade
After the free offer ends, the app can be used for one hour per day free of charge on smartphone devices.
To use the app without a time limit, a monthly plan is needed.
Smartphone Plan
Clip Studio Paint PRO $0.99 /month
Clip Studio Paint EX $2.49/month
Single-Device Plan
Clip Studio Paint PRO $4.49 /month
Clip Studio Paint EX $8.99/month

The Single-Device Plan can be used on one Galaxy/Windows/macOS/iPad device. You can also choose from multi-platform plans for more than one device. For S Pen pressure sensitivity and DeX mode, users will need to have a Single-Device Plan or higher.

Available languages   
The following language versions are available depending on the language setting of your device.
English, French, Spanish, German, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Japanese

Supported OS  
Android 9、10

Supported devices  
Galaxy series devices

・ 3GB or more memory required, 6GB or more recommended
・ 6 inches or larger display recommended
・ 3GB or more memory required, 6GB or more recommended
・ 10.4 inches or larger display recommended

Pressure-sensitive pens    
Samsung S Pen 

Pressure-sensitive pens 
Samsung S Pen

Main Features of Clip Studio Paint for Galaxy
Clip Studio Paint is a drawing app for creating illustrations, comics, and animation, currently available for Windows, macOS, iPad, and iPhone. It has been used by more than 8 million creators*4 all over the world. Artists of all levels use Clip Studio Paint for its natural and smooth drawing experience, from digital art beginners to professional comic artists, illustrators, animators, and designers, as well as universities and vocational schools.

Beautiful, professional lines
You can adjust the pen pressure and stabilization settings to draw smooth, natural lines just as you intend. The app comes with a range of preset brushes such as pencils, G pens, watercolors and oils, or you can customize and make your own original brushes. Using vector layers, you can easily adjust your lines after drawing.

Smooth drawing with Galaxy
Artists can use gestures with the S Pen to quick access tools and quickly switch between tools while drawing. You can customize the Air Action settings to assign S Pen gestures to your favorite tools.

More than 60,000 materials
Clip Studio Assets offer more than 60,000 materials such as brushes, patterns, and 3D models. You can also upload and share your original materials.

Tools to realize your vision
The app comes with 3D dolls to use as drawing references. Choose preset poses, pose them manually, or even use photos taken with your Galaxy device as a base for the pose. You can also use AI-based automatic colorization and extract lines from photos in your camera roll, or convert photos into screentones.

Can be combined with Wacom Intuos pen tablet or Wacom One LCD tablet
If you don’t have an S Pen, you can connect your device with a Wacom Intuos pen tablet or Wacom One LCD tablet to use the app.

Save and access your data anywhere
You can sync your files to the cloud when saving. Work flexibly on your preferred devices, with the freedom to use your Android smartphone on the go and finish up on a PC or tablet at home or at work.

*1 “Clip Studio Paint for Galaxy” is the name of the app in the Galaxy store.
*2 The release date may vary for some regions.
*3 The app is only preinstalled on the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+. Preload availability may differ from country and region.For other devices, the app can be downloaded from the Galaxy store from August 21.
*4 Includes trial users and downloads of the iPad and iPhone version.

Celsys will continue supporting creators to create artistic content with digital technology.
We provide solutions for content creation, distribution, and browsing, including support of creative activities through our illustration, manga and animation production software “Clip Studio Paint” and web service “Clip Studio”, as well as our e-book solution, “Clip Studio Reader”.

Corporate site: https://www.celsys.co.jp/en/
Clip Studio Paint site: http://www.clipstudio.net/en/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/clipstudioofficial/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/clipstudiopaint
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/celsys.clipstudiopaint/

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