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Samsung Galaxy × Wacom × Clip Studio Paint A total of 18,606 entries! Announcing the Award Winners of the International Illustration Contest 2020!

On Friday, November 6, Celsys, in collaboration with Samsung Galaxy, the world's leading mobile brand, and Wacom, a technology leadership company that prides itself on pen and ink digital technology, has decided the winners of the International Illustration Contest 2020.

International Illustration Contest 2020 Winning Entries

To celebrate the launch of Clip Studio Paint for Galaxy, the International Illustration Contest 2020 was launched on Thurs, Sept 10, with the theme of The cutest in the Galaxy. Over the course of 28 days, we received 18,606 artworks from around the world. We received a wide variety of entries from many countries and regions, created with multiple kinds of digital and traditional media.

Comic artist LavenderTowne was chosen as a special judge to determine the grand prize and the LavenderTowne Award. Prizes included cash prizes, pen tablets such as the Wacom Cintiq 22 and the Wacom One, the latest Galaxy Buds Live wireless earphones, and copies of Clip Studio Paint EX.

Comments from the Judges
・LavenderTowne (Comic artist)

Commentary video:https://youtu.be/RXyP36deJZo
The Clip Studio Paint cutest character in the Galaxy competition has finally come to a close, and I have been given the opportunity to select my favorite piece out of the competition and give an award to that so I had a really difficult choice to make. Honestly, all of you guys did an incredible job, and I really want each and every one of you to feel accomplished because putting yourself out there and presenting your art particularity in a competition is a huge deal; it’s very scary sometimes, and honestly I just really want to thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to see your work. It has been a legitimate treat to see all of these super adorable characters sort of flowing in through these past few weeks, so thank you so much.
Artist profile:
LavenderTowne, or Haley, is a webcomic artist and creates art-related video content. LavenderTowne's YouTube channel and other online sites are highly popular with viewers for her creepy cute art style.
YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/lavendertowne

Winning Entries
● Grand Prize

Judges' Comments
This beautiful artwork not only looks cute but also exudes a sense of warmth. The painting is finished to a high standard, and it's also fun to imagine the relationships between these characters and the world they live in. (Celsys)

● Runner-Up 

Judges' Comments
Both the line art and the way the colors are applied in this work is well done. The worldview of the piece is also unique and eye-catching. We loved the attention to detail, especially the fish-shaped galaxy lights that this cat is creating. (Celsys)

● LavenderTowne Award

Judges' Comments
This piece by Hyakko really caught my eye right away. I saw so many pieces that were really cool or really beautiful, but this one really embodied cuteness and spoke to the competition. I just thought it was so adorable, and as I continued to look at it, it kept having more and more surprises for me. I particularly love all the little faces of each little character scattered throughout the piece as well as some of the design choices, particularly the constellation bow on the central character. (LavenderTowne)

● Grand Prize (1 winner)

US$10,000 Cash Prize, Award plaque, Wacom Cintiq 22, the latest Galaxy Buds Live wireless earphones, Clip Studio Paint EX
● Runner-up Prize (1 winner)
US$3,000 Cash Prize, Award plaque, Wacom One, the latest Galaxy Buds Live wireless earphones, Clip Studio Paint EX
● LavenderTowne Prize (1 winner)
US$3,000 Cash Prize, A special present from LavenderTown, Award plaque, the latest Galaxy Buds Live wireless earphones, Clip Studio Paint EX
● 3rd-5th place (3 people)
US$1,000 Cash Prize, Award plaque, Wacom One, the latest Galaxy Buds Live wireless earphones, Clip Studio Paint EX
● 6th-10th place (5 people)
US$300 Cash Prize, Wacom One, the latest Galaxy Buds Live wireless earphones, Clip Studio Paint PRO
● Honorable mentions (10 winners)
The latest Galaxy Buds Live wireless earphones, T-shirt with an illustration by LavenderTowne (Size: L), Clip Studio Paint PRO

International Illustration Contest 2020 Contest Site

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