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International Comic/Manga School Contest Winning student entries selected from among 1,245 schools in 85 countries and regions

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The winners have been selected for the International Comic/Manga School Contest 2021, a comic contest for students from around the world. A total of 1,245 schools in 85 countries and regions registered for this year’s contest, and more than 1,500 comics and illustrations were submitted for consideration for the Grand Prix and category awards.

International Comic/Manga School Contest Results

Video Award Ceremony


This year’s contest had the theme of “Admiration”. Submissions for six categories (Comic, Manga, Bande Dessinée, Webtoon, Illustration, and Storyboard) opened in January 2021. Comic-related artworks were split into five different categories and attracted entries from a wide variety of genres and cultures, with entries accepted in any language.

The Grand Prize was awarded to “¡ÁNIMO PAPÁ!”, which depicted the love between a father and daughter. This comic was created by Konata from Escola Joso, a leading Spanish comic school. Konata’s work received high praise from the judges including “The bond between the two is conveyed well in the pages without dialogue, and we think that the story, though short, is well told” and “Very cute story and art, [it shows] good manga technique with a unique style”.

Charlie Adlard, one of the judges of the contest and a veteran comic book artist involved in the creation of world-famous comics as “The Walking Dead” and “Batman,” commented:
"The first thing that struck me was the sheer volume of talent out there. These were school kids, I had to keep kicking myself to remind me! So it made it particularly hard to single out the “best” out of an already brilliant, amazing bunch. I know it’s a cliché but everyone’s indeed a winner here.”

As the contest is aimed at students aspiring to become professionals, judges and sponsors offered detailed critique on the winning entries to help improve the skills of the winners as well as those who read the works. Critiques from judges and sponsors will be published on the contest site going forward.

The contest is also a place for contestants to connect with sponsors who provide opportunities to publish their works. This time a total of 18 contestants received such offers from sponsors.

Celsys will hold this contest again next year on a larger scale, aiming to support talented students around the world to create comics. 

Winning Entries
Grand Prize

School name: Escola Joso
Artist: Konata (Spain)
URL: https://share.clip-studio.com/ja-jp/contents/view?code=91f30e9d-1306-4d32-9908-1f3b28d6b53d
Judge’s Comments: The story of raising a child across borders made us cry. The composition and emotions of this entry were excellent, showing the love that this family has for each other. The art was well drawn, but we wonder if the extreme difference in the light and dark lines was intentional? Or if it was a way to represent the age difference? We would wonder what would happen if the artist draws a longer story. (KADOKAWA)

Comic Category Award

School name: Escola Joso
Artist: Álvaro (Spain)
Title: Diablo Andino
URL: https://share.clip-studio.com/ja-jp/contents/view?code=0a9d37a8-64f3-4cd9-b019-601f1030f3b2
Judge’s Comments: I enjoy how the characters move vividly in this fantastic world setting. I thought the boss character's spindly attacks, the use of effect lines, and the use of panels to express time were well executed. (Shueisha)

Manga Category Award

School name: Aichi Prefectural Toyohashiminami Senior High School
Artist: Kida (Japan)
Title: Shoka
URL: https://share.clip-studio.com/ja-jp/contents/view?code=493fa141-1525-4a1f-8c8c-693500c7a7f2
Judge’s Comments: I found the dialogue and the pauses between them to be very organic. The line "That's where it was!” combined with the line of sight, was a very effective choice. The sense of dialogue and pacing is not something that can be improved later, so I think this skill will be a great asset to this author. (SHOGAKUKAN)

Webtoon Category Award

School name: School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University
Artist: Mado (United States of America)
Title: I Admire You A Whole Lot!
URL: https://share.clip-studio.com/en-us/contents/view?code=80fcc67f-d614-44be-b5ca-aaa25e58ad3c
Judge’s Comments: The background changes color in line with the character’s feelings, which is a great use of the webtoon format and makes you want to keep scrolling. The main focus point of the story is the main character and the person she admires, but really the most important character is the main character’s friend. It would have been better if scene between the main character and her friend was at the top of the story. (BookLive)

Bande Dessinée Category Award

School name: Osaka University of Arts, Character Creative Arts Department
Artist: Katsumi Futaro (Japan)
Title: Aokagare ~Blue longing~ (Japanese)
URL: https://share.clip-studio.com/ja-jp/contents/view?code=d8d1d5a3-7e91-4bc8-9e48-46bb7e58537e
Judge’s Comments: I really liked the work on the main characters' facial expressions. We can feel the range of emotions through which the character goes to learn self-love. References to the real world of humans (Uber, the swimming pool, etc.) are cleverly integrated in a natural way despite being out of touch with animals. The last page is beautiful! It's a bit of a shame that we didn't have a large mirror image at the start to better integrate the hero's transformation. (KI-OON)

Storyboard Category Grand Prize

School name: National Taiwan University of Art
Artist: Mie. (Taiwan)
Title: Chuān shàng qúnzi de tā
URL: https://share.clip-studio.com/ja-jp/contents/view?code=66ba947b-e4c2-4cc7-9314-bebdc862b26e
Judge’s Comments: The details are carefully drawn and make a good impression. The facial expressions of the characters are also drawn appropriately. The smile in the last scene is particularly impressive. We'd think it would be better if there was continuity between the first and second panels of each page and the previous page to better show the transitions and sense of flow. (Solmare Publishing)

Illustration Category Grand Prize

School name: Yoyogi Animation academy
Artist: chicami (Japan)
Judge’s Comments: The composition itself is difficult to achieve, looking up at the building from below, but the feeling that the sky is very far from the camera stands out. The colors are fairly dark overall, but the touches of paint are consistent with the rest of the piece, and is very beautifully put together. The crescent moon is also a nice accent. (Wacom)

International Comic/Manga School Contest 2021 Summary
Submission criteria

Comic Category (color)
Manga Category (Black-and-White/Color)
Bande Dessinée Category (Color)
Webtoon Category (Color)
Storyboard Category (Black-and-White/Color)
Illustration Category

Admiration (All Categories)

Awards and Prizes
Comic / Manga / Bande Dessinée / Webtoon Categories

Grand Prize (1 Winner)
US$3,300 cash prize 
Full HD 15.6” Wacom Cintiq 16 LCD tablet
Three years of Clip Studio Paint EX for a single computer, tablet or smartphone

Category Award (1 winner per category)
US$1,700 cash prize
13.3” Wacom One (DTC133W0D) LCD tablet
Three years of Clip Studio Paint EX for a single-device

Runners-up (3-5 winners per category)
Three years of Clip Studio Paint EX for a single-device

Storyboard Category
Grand Prize (1 winner)
US$2,200 cash prize 
13.3” Wacom One (DTC133W0D) LCD tablet
Three years of Clip Studio Paint EX for a single-device

Runners-up (3-5 winners per category)
Three years of Clip Studio Paint EX for a single-device

Illustration Category
Grand Prize (1 winner)
US$550 cash prize 
13.3” Wacom One (DTC133W0D) LCD tablet
Three years of Clip Studio Paint PRO for a single device

Runners-up (3-5 winners per category)
Three years of Clip Studio Paint PRO for a single device

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