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Clip Studio Paint celebrates 10 years, Launches series of anniversary events to thank creators

Clip Studio Paint, the illustration, manga, and animation app, released in 2012 celebrates 10 years since it was first released on May 31. In commemoration of its 10th anniversary, Celsys is holding a series of Clip Studio Paint 10th Anniversary events from May 19th to thank the community of creators who have used the app over the last ten years.

During the celebrations, Celsys plans to run special competitions, bonus events, and publish special content all around the theme of “10 years of Clip Studio Paint.”

Clip Studio Paint 10th Anniversary Events


Clip Studio Paint is supported by illustrators, comic artists, and animators and used by beginners and industry professionals alike. It is currently used by more than 15 million creators across the world, and is available for all major platforms. Celsys seeks to continue providing the creators around the world who have supported Clip Studio Paint over the last ten years with a more enjoyable creative experience through its apps and services.

Event Period
May 19 - June 8, 2022

Summary of events
Part 1: Work together for bigger rewards - Login Bonus Boost
This event allows followers of Clip Studio’s official social media accounts to boost the number of points they receive at the subsequent login bonus by reacting to the event post. The more reactions the posts receive, the bigger the boost. Followers can max out the boost at 1,000 Clippy by reacting 20,000 times.
Period: May 19 - 24

Part 2: Special 10th Anniversary Edition Clip Studio Paint Ver. 1.12.0 release
A special edition of Clip Studio Paint is to be released to commemorate the anniversary. Lots of new functionality will be packed into this update, which, amongst others, will feature a special app icon and splash screen.
Release date: May 26

Part 3: 10th Anniversary Login Bonus 
This event will allow users to claim the Clippy they generated in the previous Login Bonus Boost event. Users are recommended to log into the app at least once a day and collect Clippy to spend on their favorite materials on the Clip Studio ASSETS store.
Period: May 26 - June 8

Part 4: See how far you’ve come! #ClipStudioCommunityDay
This event will draw five lucky winners from a hat who post their thoughts and example images of how their art has improved over time on social media. Winners will win an exclusive Clip Studio Paint EX 10-year license!
Period: May 31 - June 1

Part 5: 10th Anniversary Retrospectives, “Clip Studio Paint History” & “Back to ver.1.0.0”
In this retrospective, readers will be able to take a peek at the history of Clip Studio Paint and hear some of the top secret stories of its development! Video content featuring an interview with illustrator redjuice, explaining his experience using the first version of Clip Studio Paint, will also be available for viewing. Go back in time and experience the evolution of Clip Studio Paint!
Published: June 2

Part 6: Fortune-tellers, Soothsayers, and Time travelers WANTED! #CSPin2032
For this event, five people who post to social media with their predictions, wishes, and hopes for how Clip Studio Paint will be in 20 years time will be selected at random to win an exclusive Clip Studio Paint EX 10-year license.
Period: June 3 - 5

See the event page for more details on the above.
Clip Studio Paint 10th Anniversary Events

Celsys continues to support creators to create artistic content with digital technology.
Celsys provides solutions for content creation, distribution, and browsing, including support of creative activities through the “Clip Studio Paint” app for illustration, manga and animation production, as well as the “Clip Studio” web service, and the “Clip Studio Reader” e-book solution.

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