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The International Comic/Manga School Contest 2023 is open for sponsorship applications

Celsys is now accepting sponsorship applications for the International Comic/Manga School Contest 2023.

Since 2018, the International Comic/Manga School Contest has provided a platform for students worldwide to submit their manga/comic works.
In its recent fifth year the contest received over 1,637 entries from 1,317 schools in 90 countries and regions.

International Comic/Manga School Contest 2022 Results

Manga, comics, and webtoons are an exceptional form of global entertainment that has transcended borders and mediums, taken root globally, and influenced pop culture worldwide.
Through this contest, we hope to contribute to the further development of comics, manga, and webtoons by opening the door for creators all over the world to make their debut, regardless of country or medium.
We would like to ask for your cooperation and support for this contest as a place to support and build relationships with young creators who are the next generation of the industry.

Sponsor application deadline: Oct. 16, 2022 
Submission period: Early Dec. 2022 - Apr. 2023
Result announcement: Early Jul. 2023

Sponsorships are granted on a first-come, first-serve basis and will close once all slots are filled.

Contest Overview
Target regions/schools: Open to all schools worldwide. Any language welcome.
Categories: Original Comics, Original Manga, Original Webtoons, Original Bande Dessinée, Storyboard, and Illustration

For more information on the contest and sponsorship details, please refer to the following here.
Please feel free to contact us online for more information, and one of our representatives will be happy to provide you with further details.
About International Comic/Manga School Contest Sponsorship (PDF)

To apply, please fill out the International Comic/Manga School Contest Sponsor Application Form and send it via email to the contest organizer.
International Comic/Manga School Contest Sponsor Application Form: PDF/Word

International Comic/Manga School Contest Organizer (CELSYS, Inc.)
Email: comiccontest2023@celsys.com