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Celsys announces 33rd International Illustration Contest with theme “Friendship”

Tokyo, September 13, 2022 – Celsys announces a new illustration contest offering cash awards and other prizes to artists who submit their illustrations on the theme of “friendship”. Artists can submit their illustrations on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with the hashtag #cspcontest33 by October 5. 

The grand prize for the contest is US$2,000 and a three-year license for illustration app Clip Studio Paint EX. The runner up prize is US$500 and a three-year license for Clip Studio Paint EX. There is also a Timelapse Award with 10 randomly selected winners, to encourage artists of all levels to participate.

By holding this contest, Celsys aims to support creators worldwide and encourage more artists to create illustrations. The last iteration of the contest saw 4,360 entries, and Celsys looks forward to seeing more unique illustrations on the theme of “friendship”.
See more information about this contest, entry rules, and prizes here: 

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