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Celsys releases research on automatic shading tool and automatic detection of simple drawings

Tokyo, November 14, 2022 – New research by graphics application developer Celsys and University of Tsukuba’s Chaos Lab has developed technology to automatically shade drawings. Celsys also announces new technology for simple detection of drawing areas that works well for black-and-white manga drawings.

The new automatic shading technology applies shadows to digital drawings with a line art layer and a flat color layer. The direction and angle of the light and color of the shadows can be adjusted for a natural effect. This automatic shading technology was developed based on joint research with University of Tsukuba’s Chaos Lab.

■Chaos Lab, University of Tsukuba

The drawing area detection technology can extract the range of a line drawing by simply enclosing the general area with the tool. Due to the simplicity of black-and-white drawings such as manga, previously it has been difficult for auto-select tools difficult for auto-select tools to distinguish the white background from the white within the drawing, so the task of extracting black and white drawings has been done carefully by hand and required manual skills. With this new technology, Celsys hopes to make the detection and extraction of these images more efficient so that manga drawings can be more easily used in promotional videos and webtoons.

Celsys plans to continue developing solutions to expand the possibilities for content creation using the latest technology.

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