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Illustration, comic, Webtoon, & animation app Clip Studio Paint reaches 25 million creators worldwide

Total worldwide use of Clip Studio Paint; the illustration, comic, Webtoon, and animation app developed Celsys, exceeded 25 million copies(*1) in December 2022.

Clip Studio Paint https://www.clipstudio.net/en

Clip Studio Paint features drawing and coloring tools such as pen tools that feel natural, brushes that bring a variety of painting expressions to life, and features that cover the entire illustration, monochrome/color manga, and animation production processes.

Artists of all levels use Clip Studio Paint, from digital art beginners to professional comic artists, illustrators, animators, and designers, as well as universities and vocational schools. The app is available in eight languages worldwide(*2), and more than 75% of its users are from outside Japan. Clip Studio Paint has become a global standard for creators all over the world.

With support for Windows, macOS, iPad, iPhone, Android, and Chromebook devices, users can create full-fledged graphic content on any device. It is now even possible to share works with other devices via the cloud so that users can get creative at any time.

Celsys continues to support creators worldwide with their digital art creations.

Changes in the total number of shipped Clip Studio Paint units are disclosed in the Monthly Business Progress Report on the IR section of the corporate site. (Note: Only available in Japanese.)

*1 Includes free trial users and downloads of the iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, Android, and Chromebook versions.
*2 The app is available in Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, and German.

About CELSYS, Inc.
Celsys, with a mission of “Creating a more passionate world,” provides solutions for creative activities through the “Clip Studio Paint” app for illustration, manga, webtoon, and animation production, the “Clip Studio” web service, and the “Clip Studio Reader” e-book solution. Celsys supports people all over the world to better enjoy creating and all the experiences that come with it.


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