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Clip Studio Paint supports Kenaz Webtoon Academy in providing free webtoon course Participating students receive free Clip Studio Paint EX license

Clip Studio Paint, Celsys' illustration, comic, webtoon, and animation app, is sponsoring the Kenaz Webtoon Academy, a training program for webtoon creators in Japan held by the webtoon production company, Kenaz. Students will also receive a Clip Studio Paint EX 3-month license for a single device, which they can use to learn in this free course to learn about creating webtoons.

Kenaz Webtoon Academy (Japanese)

The Webtoon Academy is hosted by Kenaz, a webtoon production company that creates its own webtoons and distributes them through online platforms. The free talent-nurturing program is open for applications from Japanese creators interested in webtoons and wanting to make their own professional debut. The 8-week curriculum includes the use of Clip Studio Paint in webtoon creation. Graduating students have the chance to proceed to debut as a webtoon author, as well as to have their story debut on Apple Books.

Celsys is proud to sponsor this talent-seeking program to support creators interested in making webtoons.

▼Webtoons produced by KENAZ

Title: Log-In Burin
- This active webtoon has already accumulated 33,000,000 views in South Korea.
- Popular in martial arts fantasy category on Piccoma (Japan)
- Ranks in the top 10 most popular webtoons on Kuaikan Manhua (China)
- Many overseas inquiries related to IP projects such as film, animation, and games
- Distributed on Kakao (South Korea), Piccoma (Japan), Kuaikan (China, Taiwan)

Title: Roses and Champagne
- Currently serialized in Apple Books Japan
- Hit webtoon in BL category on Bomtoon in 2023 (South Korea)
- Physical print distribution planned for 2023
- Available in 8 languages including English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Thai 

Title: I’ll Save This Damned Family!
- Serialized in romance fantasy category on Piccoma (Japan)
- Popular webtoon in romance fantasy category on Kakao, with 28,000,000 views (South Korea)
- Due to popularity of the webtoon, a novelized version has also been published
- Distributed on Kakao (South Korea), Manta (North America), Bilibili (China), Verytoon (France), Piccoma (Japan), Pops (Vietnam)

About KENAZ Co., Ltd.
Kenaz is a Korean company that does everything from webtoon production to distribution, providing services globally to Korea, Japan, China, Europe, the United States, and more. Kenaz is involved with a wide range of projects based on webtoon IP such as adaptations into books, dramas, and film.
As a Master Content Provider for Apple Books Japan, the company strives to spread the joy of webtoons to more people.

Kenaz corporate site (Korean): https://kenaz-re.com/
Twitter (Korean): https://twitter.com/KENAZ_official
Twitter (Japanese): https://twitter.com/KENAZ_JP
YouTube: https://youtube.com/@kenazcomics3636
Instagram (Japanese): https://www.instagram.com/kenaz_jp/
TikTok (Japanese): https://www.tiktok.com/@kenaz_jp

About Clip Studio Paint
Clip Studio Paint is used by over 30 million people* for the creation of illustrations, comics, webtoons, and animations. The app is available on Windows, macOS, iPad, iPhone, Android, and Chromebook, so users can use it on whatever device they own. Clip Studio Paint is supported by illustrators, comic artists, and animators and used by beginners and industry professionals worldwide.


* Includes free trial users and downloads of the iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, Android, and Chromebook versions.

About CELSYS, Inc.
Celsys, with a mission of “Creating a more passionate world,” provides solutions for creative activities through online Clip Studio services and Clip Studio Paint drawing app for illustration, manga, webtoon, and animation production. Celsys supports people all over the world to enjoy creating more and all the experiences that come with it.


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