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Clip Studio Paint Sponsors Pop Culture Event “Hue Matsuri” in Vietnam

Celsys announces that its illustration, comic, webtoon, and animation app Clip Studio Paint sponsored Hue Matsuri, a pop culture festival to promote cultural exchange between Japan and Vietnam, held in Hue City (Vietnam) from September 9 to 10, 2023.

Hue Matsuri
Hue Matsuri is an event to promote cultural exchange between Japan and Vietnam, with the aim of bringing in a new cultural breeze by making manga the main theme. It is hosted by Global Business Network Co., Ltd. and MH RAROMA LLC., a local subsidiary in Vietnam, and held in cooperation with Culture Weaver GK. and others. Held in the historically famous Quoc Tu Giam in the Hue Imperial City,  the event featured pop culture attractions such as manga, anime, and cosplay. Japanese and Vietnamese manga artists and manga industry professionals were also invited to hold workshops, autograph sessions, and talk shows. Japanese and Vietnamese publishers and manga studios held exhibitions and manga contests, as well as selling various goods.

This year also marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Vietnam. At this anniversary event, approximately 10,000 people attended, including not only domestic and international manga and anime fans, but also people interested in cultural exchange between the two countries.

During the two-day event, Celsys held a workshop where visitors could try out Clip Studio Paint, and gave away Clip Studio Paint DEBUT licenses to the first 100 people who attended the booth.

Clip Studio Paint also sponsored the Hue Manga Contest 2023 for the purpose of discovering talent and cultural exchange. The contest received entries from a wide range of age groups, and the winners received Clip Studio Paint EX or Clip Studio Paint PRO licenses as a reward.

Celsys will continue to support the creative activities of creators worldwide by sponsoring events held across the globe.

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About Clip Studio Paint
Clip Studio Paint is used by over 30 million people* for the creation of illustrations, comics, webtoons, and animations. The app is available on Windows, macOS, iPad, iPhone, Android, and Chromebook, so creators can use it on whatever device they own. Known for its natural drawing feel and plentiful features, Clip Studio Paint is supported by illustrators, comic artists, and animators, and used by beginners and industry professionals alike.

Clip Studio Paint

* Includes free trial users and downloads of the iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, Android, and Chromebook versions.

About Global Business Network Co., Ltd.
https://www.gbni.co.jp/ (Japanese)
Engaged in the placement of Japanese and international personnel, the company is also involved with the French Culture Knowledge Association project, which promotes cultural exchange through French cuisine, and the commissioned coloring of comics and webtoon production projects in Vietnam.

Operates Lien School, which provides Japanese language education in Hue City, Vietnam.
It is involved with the manga business including management of Vietnamese manga artists and webtoon production in Ho Chi Minh City.

About Culture Weaver GK.
Culture Weaver GK works with partners around the world to promote cross-cultural communication and support creative exchange. It is engaged in a variety of activities, including acting as an advisor for overseas expansion of manga publishers, supporting the introduction and negotiation of foreign productions, running contests for people living overseas, and holding exhibitions of foreign manga and anime works.

About CELSYS, Inc.
Celsys, with a mission of “Creating a more passionate world,” provides solutions for creative activities through online Clip Studio services and Clip Studio Paint drawing app for illustration, manga, webtoon, and animation production. Celsys supports people all over the world to enjoy creating more and all the experiences that come with it.


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