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Clip Studio Paint Ver. 3.0 Releases in March 2024 Pre-release Offer: Buy Clip Studio Paint now to get Ver 3.0 later!

Celsys announces that Ver. 3.0 for Clip Studio Paint, the illustration, comic, webtoon, and animation app, will be released in March 2024. Updates will include improved work management, 3D features, and animation features. Additionally, for those who are considering buying Clip Studio Paint, purchase Ver. 2.0 (one-time purchase, perpetual version) now to get Ver. 3.0 with the ongoing Pre-release Offer.

See here for details on Clip Studio Paint Ver. 3.0


◆Main New Features in Ver. 3.0
Ver. 3.0 has all the features that have been added since Ver. 2.0 in 2023, plus many additional new features. 

●Improved work management features
Layer comps

・Create and switch between layer comps with set layer visibility
・Export work based on created layer comps
・Easily create and manage differences

●Improved finishing/processing features
Improved mesh transformation

・Select and move multiple grid points at once
・Increased number of divisions for more detailed editing

Enhanced tonal correction feature
・Color Adjust to intuitively change colors by setting images and gradations for target colors

New filters
・Filters such as “Pencil style” giving you the freedom to make any work look like a pencil drawing

●Enhanced 3D features
Import VRM files

・You can now import 3D files that are used for 3D avatars and VTuber models

Improved 3D drawing figures
・Easily make poses symmetrical 
・Adjust the upper and lower arms, as well as upper and lower legs individually
・Additional body shape customization options like waist height and shoulder thickness

●Improved text features
Even more freedom with layouts

・Added alignment and justify
・Adjust lettering with kerning
・Arrange text in a circle

●Improved animation features
More intuitive operation

・Intuitively add or delete layers within animation folders 

Added audio scrubbing
・Check the sound in the Timeline palette without having to preview playback

●Improved interface
Simple Mode

・Create on a wider screen with simple UI on tablets and smartphones

Various other features include improved export features such as watermark settings, and more.

See details about the features here: 

◆Pre-release Offer: Buy Clip Studio Paint now to get Ver 3.0 later!
We have a special ongoing campaign where new users who buy Clip Studio Paint (one-time purchase, perpetual version for Windows/macOS) can get Ver. 3.0 for free! All eligible purchasers will be able to upgrade their license to the Ver. 3.0 perpetual version for free when it releases in March 2024.

See here for more details: 

◆How to get Ver. 3.0
The process for getting Ver. 3.0 will differ depending on how you currently use Clip Studio Paint. 

▼For New Users
Sign up for a Monthly/Annual plan or purchase a perpetual license to get Ver. 3.0. New users can get the Ver. 3.0 perpetual license for free upon release next year if they buy a perpetual Ver. 2.0 license in the pre-release offer on now.

▼For Current Users
Those with a Monthly/Annual plan or the Update Pass will have access to the latest version including Ver. 3.0 and beyond. Those who have a perpetual Ver. 1 or Ver. 2.0 license can sign up for the Update Pass or purchase the discounted Ver. 2.0 to Ver. 3.0 upgrade to get Ver. 3.0. 

See here for details on how to get Ver. 3.0:

◆Ver. 3.0 pricing
Our lineup of products with the release of Ver. 3.0 are as follows: 

●Clip Studio Paint PRO
・Windows/macOS Ver. 3.0 perpetual version (one-time purchase)    

・Windows/macOS Ver. 2.0 > Ver. 3.0 discounted upgrade (perpetual version, one-time purchase)

●Clip Studio Paint EX
・Windows/macOS Ver. 3.0 perpetual version (one-time purchase)    

・Windows/macOS Ver. 2.0 > Ver. 3.0 discounted upgrade (from EX, perpetual version, one-time purchase)

・Windows/macOS Ver. 2.0 > Ver. 3.0 discounted upgrade (from PRO, perpetual version, one-time purchase)

Note: All prices are tax inclusive

About Clip Studio Paint
Clip Studio Paint is used by over 30 million people* for the creation of illustrations, comics, webtoons, and animations. The app is available on Windows, macOS, iPad, iPhone, Android, and Chromebook, so creators can use it on whatever device they own. Known for its natural drawing feel and plentiful features, Clip Studio Paint is supported by illustrators, comic artists, and animators, and used by beginners and industry professionals alike.


*Includes free trial users and downloads of the iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, Android, and Chromebook versions.

About CELSYS, Inc.
Celsys, with a mission of “Creating a more passionate world,” provides solutions for creative activities through online Clip Studio services and Clip Studio Paint drawing app for illustration, manga, webtoon, and animation production. Celsys supports people all over the world to enjoy creating more and all the experiences that come with it.


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