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Tablets and smartphones lower the barrier for digital creation according to survey of 6,000 European creators

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According to a survey of 6,000 creators in four European countries (the UK, Spain, France, Germany) conducted by Celsys, the developers of drawing app Clip Studio Paint, the adoption of digital art among creators has remained at the high level that was propelled during the coronavirus pandemic. This trend is driven by the increased availability of quality drawing apps for mobile platforms as well as high-performance tablets and smartphones. While computers remain the primary device used for drawing at home, the number of creators using smartphones to draw is increasing each year.

Across all four countries, the proportion of creators exclusively using traditional drawing tools has fallen. In Spain, the proportion of people using both traditional and digital tools has been increasing slightly every year since 2021 (from 20.8% to 22.3%), followed by France (17.1% to 25.4%) and Germany (22.4% to 35.1%). The number of people using a combination of techniques has increased significantly.

Similarly, the number of respondents stating that they draw traditionally because they prefer the look of traditional art or because it suits their current style is around 40%,  indicating that many traditional creators choose their tools out of a preference for style, rather than being unable to use digital tools. 

While computers are still the primary device used for drawing at home, the use of devices such as tablets and smartphones is increasing. Modern smartphones and tablets have the ability to run sophisticated drawing apps smoothly, allowing creators to fully engage in creative activities, and some models such as Samsung’s Galaxy Note series even come with a stylus to further lower the barrier to entry. The majority of smartphone creators use their smartphones for sketching (48.2%) or photo editing (62.1%), but up to a quarter of smartphone creators create complete illustrations solely on their smartphones.

Celsys’ drawing app Clip Studio Paint is available for smartphones and tablets, with full-featured versions of the app offered even on smartphones, as well as cloud saving features to help creators work seamlessly. 

About this survey
This survey was conducted online by Interview Partners (Germany, https://interviewpartners.com/) between September 27–November 8, 2023, with a total of 6,000 respondents in four countries: the UK, France, Germany, and Spain.

The 2022 survey was conducted online by Schlesinger (USA,  https://www.schlesingergroup.com/) with a total of 6,385 respondents.
The 2021 survey was conducted online by MADE IN SURVEYS (France, https://en.misgroup.io/) with a total of 8,353 respondents. For comparison with the 2023 survey results, the results from the 40–49 age bracket were excluded from tabulation.

Percentage responses are rounded off to one decimal place in the calculations.

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