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Clip Studio Tabmate 2 Announcement of the start of shipments in Japan and the pre-order period sales results

Content solutions business Celsys began domestic shipments of the pre-ordered Clip Studio Tabmate 2, a wireless handheld shortcut device compatible with iPad and iPhone for the first time, on March 18.

Click here to learn more about the Clip Studio Tabmate 2: (Note: Only available in Japanese.) 
The Clip Studio Tabmate 2 is a one-handed shortcut device that helps users to create their illustrations, comics, and animations more seamlessly with Clip Studio Paint by using it together with a pen tablet or tablet device. This new model keeps the popular design and usability of the previous model Clip Studio Tabmate (still available for sale), while now being compatible with iPad and iPhone to meet high demand. The new model can be used with Clip Studio Paint on all available platforms.

Prior to the start of shipments, the Clip Studio Tabmate 2 was available for pre-order from March 7 through March 18 at a 10% discount off the regular price, receiving a great response.

● Month-over-month growth rate of Clip Studio Tabmate 2 pre-orders
 ・4000% (Sales comparison of Clip Studio Tabmate over February 7–18, 2024)

Orders for Clip Studio Tabmate 2 are expected to slow down with the end of the pre-order period, but we anticipate continued high demand for standard sales in the future. As soon as it is ready, the company plans to sell the product outside of Japan as well.

About CELSYS, Inc.
Celsys, with a mission of “Creating a more passionate world,” provides solutions for creative activities through online Clip Studio services and Clip Studio Paint drawing app for illustration, manga, webtoon, and animation production. Celsys supports people all over the world to enjoy creating more and all the experiences that come with it.


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