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Clip Studio Paint Ver.3.0. Notification of Subscriptions and Sales Results for the First Week after Release

Celsys, the content production solutions provider, is pleased to announce the results of subscriptions and sales for Clip Studio Paint Ver. 3.0, the newest version of the illustration, manga, webtoon, and animation production app launched on March 14, in the first week after its launch.

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Clip Studio Paint was first released in 2012, and offered free updates to the one-time purchase version for Windows and macOS for 10 years. The first major version upgrade (Version 2.0) implemented in 2023 was well received, and due to a worldwide sales promotion, the number of units shipped increased, along with revenue and the number of users, raising the baseline for growth.

The major update (Version 3.0), released from March 14, 2024, is available to users of the one-time purchase model with an add-on subscription or by purchasing a new version in order to receive the latest feature updates. This will enable more stable and continuous service provision, with the expectation of revenue from increased subscriptions and additional purchases of new versions from users of the one-time purchase model.

Clip Studio Paint Major Update
Revised prices, increased revenue, and continual service

This major upgrade (Version 3.0) received a lot of positive feedback, including the sales promotion campaign for overseas markets that was conducted at the same time.

During the first week of availability, the percentage increase in new subscriptions and new purchases of version 3.0 was as follows.

●Percentage increase in new subscriptions
 ・1.5x (compared to the number of contracts for the same period in February 2024)
●Percentage increase in the number of new purchases of one-time purchase license*
 ・1.9x (compared to the results of similar overseas promotional campaign conducted in November 2023)
 * Includes discounted sales of version 3.0 for owners of previous one-time purchase licenses.

Clip Studio Paint will continue to evolve through investment in the development of new features and will continuously provide a better creative environment.

Changes in the revenue of Clip Studio Paint are disclosed in the Monthly Business Progress Report on the IR section of the corporate site.