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Winners of pixiv x Clip Studio Paint Global Comic Awards Announced!

Celsys today announces the winning entries of the first Global Comic Awards held in cooperation with pixiv, one of the largest art platforms with over 100 million users in 230 countries and regions. The Grand Prize goes to “Unbreakable Hue” by bit_ter, a dark fantasy comic selected by the judge panel for its high quality of execution, pop style, and exciting depiction of battle scenes.  

Open for entries from January 10 to March 31, 2024, this iteration of the contest saw 1,531 entries across the “Time” theme category as well as an open category. The Global Comic Awards aims to encourage artists to make their debut and present their creations, connecting winning artists with sponsor companies from the comic industry such as JumpTOON, KADOKAWA, TATESC COMICS, and more. In addition to connections with sponsor media, the Grand Prize receives US$3,300 in prize money, and cash prizes are also given for the Theme Category Award (1 person), Open Category Award (1 person), and Excellence awards (10 people). 

Celsys will continue to collaborate with leading figures in comic culture both in Japan and across the globe, to support young creators in their goal of becoming professional comic artists.

Please see the announcement site on pixiv to read the winning entries in full.

pixiv x Clip Studio Paint Global Comics Awards Winning Entries

Winning Entries
Grand Prize

Artist: bit_ter
Title: Unbreakable Hue
Judge comment: Every element of this work, including the characters, the backgrounds, and the exciting battle scenes, is depicted with impressive care and skill. The dynamic and colorful design of the DAEMONs are wonderful and make the battle scenes in this world all the more standout. We had a great time reading this incredible work!

Open Category Award

Artist: yachi-chan
Judge comment: The characters are very comical and charming. The interactions between the unsuccessful demon and the other characters were fun to read, and the human elements of this manga created an emotional tension that kept us on our toes.

“Time” Category Award

Artist: Ziyan Qiu
Title: The Lost
Judge comment: This challenging piece expresses the theme of “Time” without using words. Although simple, the characters’ every move is clearly depicted, and the artwork and direction are superb. It allows the readers to imagine the story and relationships even without dialogue.

Supporting Media
JumpTOON, KADOKAWA, TATESC COMICS, Ki-oon, Weekly Shonen Sunday, Weekly Young Jump, Digital Margaret, FUNGUILD Inc., COMIC GROWL, STUDIO ZOON, en-dolphin Corp., GA COMIC, EARTH STAR COMICS, Mangatari .Inc, RIBON, Cycomi, MangaPlaza, MontageOrange Co., Ltd., RED SEVEN Editorial Department, SORAJIMA Inc., Cheese!, YOUNG Magazine, AlphaPolis Co., Ltd., Daphy, Sideranch Inc., MAGCOMI, monthly comic magazine Comic Garden, U-NEXT Comic, Gangan ONLINE, Monthly Shonen Gangan, Gangan Pixiv, MANGA COMPLEX, NCOMIC, TMSLab, Manga Mee



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pixiv is an artist social networking community focusing on supporting communication through artwork run by pixiv Inc. Launched in September 2007, pixiv’s service started from the idea of “a place where creating is fun!” pixiv has since grown to over 100 million members. 

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