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CG Trader (Lithuania)


CGTrader, one of the world's largest online 3D data marketplaces, is holding the CGTrader Digital Art Competition and presenting copies of Clip Studio Paint EX as part of the prizes to the winners.

(March 2018)

Celsys sponsored the CGTrader Digital Art Competition, held from March 1 to September 30 by CGTrader.

CGTrader is the world's largest online 3D marketplace with more than 770,000 3D models available for purchase. More than 1,800,000 3D designers, design studios, and companies sell their 3D models on CGTrader. Meanwhile, the models sold on CGTrader are used by more than 500 companies and studios around the world.

CGTrader aims to provide an ever-better platform for designers and artists to create and sell 3D models.

The 2018 CGTrader Digital Art Competition had more than 3,500 participants for a total of 6,500 entries. Celsys sponsored the contest, presenting each of the 20 winners with a copy of Clip Studio Paint EX.

▼Winners of 2018


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