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Connected Ink 2020


Clip Studio Paint Sponsors Wacom’s 24-Hour “Connected Ink 2020” Online/Offline Hybrid Event

(November 2020)

Celsys sponsored Wacom’s Connected Ink 2020 event, held in November 2020. Celsys took part in two panel discussions together with Wacom, one featuring Samsung and the other, Oiso, Kanagawa Prefecture, as well as holding the 21-hour live drawing stream event, Creative Together! Connected 21-hour Drawing Party, and an exhibitors booth for Clip Studio Paint at the venue.

Connected Ink

Connected Ink is an open innovation platform run by Wacom. With this event as the 5th Connected Ink event, attendants could go to all sessions online, including the event being held physically at Sumitomo Building Triangle Square. Creative industry experts and ecosystem partners from Europe, the Americas, and Asia also made appearances at the events hosted by Wacom's local subsidiaries, which were broadcast live on YouTube and Zoom channels.

Oiso Town, Celsys, & Wacom: Supporting kids' love of drawing
The theme of the panel discussion between President and CEO of Wacom, Nobutaka Ide, Celsys’ president, Kei Narushima, and Kenji Nojima, the Director of Oiso’s Board of Education covered the topic of how to continue to support children who have a love of drawing.

Samsung, Celsys, & Wacom: The Digital Drawing Experience on Android Devices
The project managers from each company who helped bring about Clip Studio Paint for Galaxy, which launched in August 2020, held a panel discussion with live drawings by webtoon artists using Clip Studio Paint for Galaxy.

Celsys Livestream: Creative Together! 21-Hour Drawing Party
The live drawing event was streamed over 21 hours and featured a total of 60 creators from across the globe. A total of 27,000 people joined to watch the event as the creators showed off their techniques and answered questions from the audience via chat.

Europe / North America (English Livestream)

Japan (Japanese Livestream)

Celsys and Wacom are working to strengthen their global partnerships further, expand their creator base, and revitalize the creative industry.
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