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Hue Matsuri (Vietnam)


Sponsoring Pop Culture Event "Hue Matsuri 2023" in Vietnam

(September 2023)

Hue Matsuri is an event in the city of Hue, Vietnam, to promote cultural exchange between Japan and Vietnam, with the aim of bringing in a new cultural breeze by making manga the main theme. It is hosted by Global Business Network Co., Ltd. and MH RAROMA LLC., a local subsidiary in Vietnam, and held in cooperation with Culture Weaver GK. and others.

In September 2023, Celsys sponsored “Hue Matsuri 2023” which was held in the city of Hue, Vietnam. 

Celsys held a workshop where visitors could try out Clip Studio Paint and gave away Clip Studio Paint to visitors. Clip Studio Paint also sponsored the Hue Manga Contest 2023 for the purpose of discovering talent and cultural exchange, and the winners received Clip Studio Paint licenses as a reward.

2023 also marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Vietnam, and approximately 10,000 people attended, including not only domestic and international manga and anime fans, but also people deeply interested in cultural exchange between the two countries.

The event featured pop culture attractions such as manga, anime, and cosplay. Japanese and Vietnamese manga artists and manga industry professionals were also invited to hold workshops, autograph sessions, and talk shows. Japanese and Vietnamese publishers and manga studios held exhibitions and manga contests, as well as selling various goods.

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