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Event Sponsorships -Worldwide-:Case Studies

Sponsorship of Comic and Art Events in Latin America

Anime Friends (São Paulo, Brazil)
(July 2023)

Crack Bang Boom (Rosario, Argentina)
(August 2023)

Pixelatl Festival (Guadalajara, Mexico)
(September 2023)

With the aim to support artists and creators worldwide, Celsys sponsored three major comic and art events in Latin America from July to September 2023. Visitors of these events received Clip Studio Paint as part of the respective sponsorships.

Anime Friends in São Paulo, Brazil

Anime Friends is considered one of the largest pop culture events in Latin America and was held in July 2023 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Celsys sponsored the Artist Alley, where individual artists presented their work at various booths, while also providing Clip Studio Paint licenses to participating artists and visitors. For its 20th anniversary, the event was held over four days and surpassed 120,000 visitors.

Anime Friends

Crack Bang Boom in Rosario, Argentina

Crack Bang Boom is a comic event held in Rosario, Argentina in August 2023 and Celsys collaborated with renowned local manga artist Seba Guidobono for this occasion. He did a demonstration of Clip Studio Paint and its functions on the main stage during the event. Additionally, Celsys sponsored the prestigious “Trillo Award”, which recognizes the best comics in Argentina. All winners received a copy of Clip Studio Paint.

Seba Guidobono
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sebaguidobono/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/SebaGuidobono

Crack Bang Boom

Pixelatl Festival in Guadalajara, Mexico

Pixelatl Festival is an event for creators in Guadalajara, Mexico and was held in September 2023. Celsys sponsored 10 categories in the event's contests, including those for comics, illustrations, webtoons, and animation. Clip Studio Paint licenses were gifted as a supplementary prize to the winners.


About Latin American Events

Art events provide an exciting opportunity for creators in Latin America and a vibrant place to connect with the local comic and art community.

Through sponsorship of these events, Celsys was able to reach out to creators and fans of comics, illustration, and animation alike, and strengthen its active involvement in the region.

Celsys is determined to continue its support for the creative activities of artists globally through event sponsorships in various countries and regions.

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