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Manga Barcelona (Spain)


Clip Stuio Paint opened a workshop at “Manga Barcelona” in Spain’s Barcelona trade fair.

Manga Barcelona 2019

We participated in Manga Barcelona, one of Spain's largest manga festivals, from October 31 to November 3, 2019. Manga Barcelona is one of Europe's premier events, attracting around 140,000 attendees from all over Europe, and features sales booths for publishers, anime screenings and panels with manga artists.

(From 2019, the event's name will be changed from Salon del Manga to Manga Barcelona)

On behalf of Celsys, creators Xian Nu Studios and Belen Ortega held a live demonstration of Clip Studio Paint at the Wacom booth.

Xian Nu Studios

Belen Ortega

Salon del Manga 2018

“Salon del Manga” is Spain’s largest Manga/anime event, and is held in an area nearly 75,000 square meters in size. It has continued to grow every year, and has surpassed 150,000 participants in 2018, with a total of 221 exhibits along with workshops and conferences. It is an event that can be enjoyed regardless of age, with cosplay parades and more.

Artist Deliciest, XianNu Studios’ Irene, and Laura held a workshop at Clip Studio Paint’s Wacom booth as below. Many participants got to learn the techniques of these popular artists. 

Nov.3rd, Deliciest’s “Draw Cute Pinup Poses”
Nov.4th, XianNu Studios’ “Draw Beautiful Boys” “Draw Kissing Scenes”


XianNu Studios

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