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Our Beginnings

- Celsys marked its 30th anniversary in 2021.
What do we aspire to and how do we accomplish it?

Founded in the early 1990hs, right at the beginning of the digital graphics era.
Celsys’ history starts with the development of the first Japanese digital graphics tool.

The name “Celsys” was derived from our idea to create a system to improve the workflow for cel animation.

was used in almost every animation studio at the time,
making waves with its new technology that changed the industry.

Our desire to expand possibilities for creators drove us to develop the technology beyond animation, to include comics and illustration.
After leading the way in art software, we also created e-book solutions.

We are continuing to evolve with the desire to support creators.
When we celebrated 30 years,
we reconsidered our mission for the future,
how we can put Celsys’ identity into words, and also recreated our company logo.

We will continue towards the future we envision,
 in a way that is uniquely Celsys.

*The animation software that served as the base for Clip Studio Paint.

Our MissionThe reason for our existence and our duty

Creating a more passionate world

The creation that we are passionate about is not just limited to doing creative activities.

We don’t stop at just supporting creators, instead we are also focused on their creations spreading throughout the world, enchanting everyone.

And through these creations, new communities are born, connecting people regardless of age, region, or customs.

We will continue to think about creation and what it means to make the world more in love with it.

Our VisionThe future that comes with our mission, the future we want to realize

The world is more vibrant when everyone’s
passions are connected

Our ValueOur promise to society, the value we provide, and our strengths in realizing our mission and vision

Unmatched and number one

In order to create a new era of expression, a creative environment that can give form to diverse creative desires,
more solutions for content distribution, and a community surrounding it are necessary.
We offer unmatched solutions, with professionalism in our expertise and technology,
and unique creativity that sets us apart.
By retaining this value, we will remain number one.

Swift with the utmost quality

Swift responsiveness is invaluable in order to provide an immersive creative experience.
Any issue needs to be fixed as smoothly as possible.
Celsys has the ability to develop things that the world has never seen, giving shape quickly to new ideas.

Diligent and friendly

Celsys happily continues to strive to improve our products and ensure quality,
making sure as many people enjoy creating as wholeheartedly as they can.
We listen to the voices of our users to understand their true needs and take that user experience to heart.
We are committed to helping companies relying on us achieve their goals.
Celsys works to improve the value of our services while being the friendly professional users can rely on.

Brand Story

Celsys  was founded
in an age when Japanese animation was created through
photographing hand-drawn cels, frame by frame.
With CG technology we were able to develop a digitized cel animation system.

By providing our technology to creators we were able to speed up their creative process while helping them reach their artistic ideal.
This expanded the possibilities for artists to express themselves and created the chance for their work to reach even more people throughout the world.

Now we provide apps and web services accessible to anyone,
extending ourselves to go beyond just professional creators.
Anyone who enjoys creating can become a creator and can keep making things that take flight throughout the world.

we believe that the possibilities for these creators and their creations can be even greater.
More than ever, people are drawing regularly and enjoying the created art, which means that our role is also changing.

An example would be making it even easier to create.
Whatever you imagine would come to life.
Creators could do even more than before.
Even if people are separated from each other they could communicate easily with the act of creation and enjoy themselves.
They could share this creation in a community we provide and we could power this distribution.

We aspire to provide these solutions that foster creativity and creations to support various lifestyles. At the same time, we aim to create new markets and new forms of expression so that you can create new things that you could never dream of.

Celsys understands that the energy that comes from passion can lead to unbelievable things.
By creating, spreading, and connecting people through passion,
we can paint a colorful world like never seen before.

Creating a more passionate world