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Comic, illustration, webtoon & animation app Clip Studio Paint sponsors comic art events in Latin America

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CELSYS, Inc., the developer and distributor of comic, illustration, webtoon, and animation app Clip Studio Paint, sponsored 3 major comic art events in Latin America from July to September 2023 in order to support creators around the world. At each event, licenses for Clip Studio Paint were distributed to participants.


■ Anime Friends in Sao Paulo, Brazil (July 13–16)

At Anime Friends, the largest pop culture event in Latin America held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Clip Studio Paint was the brand sponsor of the Artist Alley, which featured talented artists. Participating artists were provided with Clip Studio Paint EX licenses, and visitors who answered a short questionnaire were gifted Clip Studio Paint PRO licenses. Welcoming its 20th anniversary, the event was held over four days and attracted approximately 120,000 visitors.

Anime Friends

■ Crack Bang Boom held in Rosario, Argentina (August 17–20)

At the comic event "Crack Bang Boom" held in August in Rosario, Argentina, Clip Studio Paint collaborated with Seba Guidobono, a famous Argentinian cartoonist, who gave a demonstration of Clip Studio Paint on the main stage. In addition, Celsys supported the prestigious Trillo Awards, which recognize the best comic works in Argentina. All winners received a Clip Studio Paint license.

Seba Guidobono
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sebaguidobono/
YouTube  https://www.youtube.com/c/SebaGuidobono

Crack Bang Boom

■ Pixelatl Festival in Guadalajara, Mexico (September 5–9)

At the Pixelatl Festival, an event for creators held in September in Guadalajara, Mexico, Celsys sponsored 10 awards in categories including comics, illustration, webtoon, and animation. Winners received Clip Studio Paint as a supplementary prize.


By sponsoring events, Celsys strengthens its ties with the comics and art communities in Latin America.

The vibrant scene of art events and activities in Latin America allow creators to find inspiration and connect with the comics and art communities. These three events have been an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to the region and to work closely with artists and lovers of comics, illustration and animation throughout Latin America.

Celsys will continue to support the creative activities of creators worldwide by sponsoring events held across the globe.

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