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Clip Studio Paint Case Study: “Toraware no Palm”

Character Designer: Chisato Mita

(July, 2019)

An acommplished graphic designer, Chisato Mita’s past credentials include art director of the “Toraware no Palm” series and character designer of  “Macross Delta.”
We had the opportunity to sit down and talk about advice for students, what it’s like working at a game studio, and how Clip Studio Paint is used in production.

Toraware no Palm -Refrain-

■Genre:Glass divided adventure/romance
■Release date:Dec 18, 2018
*8 episodes released *New content released every week until Sept 25, 2019
■Price:App(Prologue+ Episode 1) 360 Yen
Individual Episodes(EP2-8)360 Yen each
Episode Set(EP2-8)1,900 Yen
Side Stories(1、2) 360 Yen each
*Prices all include tax
*Contains in-app purchases
*Please visit the appropriate stores for the latest information and pricing.
■Number of Players:1
■Official Website:http://www.capcom.co.jp/palm/plmr/
■Official Twitter:@Palm_capcom
■Developer: Capcom Co., Ltd

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