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Live2D conference "alive 2017"


Live2D conference "alive 2017"

(December 2017)

CELSYS attended the Live2D conference "alive 2017", held at Akihabara UDX, on December 4th, 2017.

Live2D conference "alive 2017"

Live2D Inc.'s Live2D technology makes it possible to move illustrations three-dimensionally while maintaining their appearance and is notably used in various mobile games. Seeing that CELSYS's illustration/comic/animation software "CLIP STUDIO PAINT" was used in many cases to create the original illustrations led to CELSYS's attendance.

"alive" is an event for creators that use Live2D in their creative work. 2017 marks the event's 4th time being held, and saw the participation of creators from various genres, countries, and skill levels; from beginners, who wanted to know more about Live2D to professional game/application developers, illustrators, and animators.

At the event, in addition to behind the scenes looks at hit titles, various sessions such as the latest information on Live2D, and displays of Live2D contents, an award ceremony for the international Live2D competition "Live2D Creative Awards2017" was held, with CELSYS awarding "CLIP STUDIO PAINT" to the winners.

Live2d Creative Awards 2017 winners
Title: Balloon
Creator:一束 (Hyogo, Japan)

Creator:Aïda de Ridder(Netherlands)

Photos of the event and winner of the CLIP STUDIO PAINT Award, Aïda de Ridder.

CELSYS booth exhibited "CLIP STUDIO PAINT". Illustrations to be used in Live2D can be and already are being made by many creators using "CLIP STUDIO PAINT". At the booth, visitors could try out "CLIP STUDIO PAINT", and were introduced to the workflow involving Live2D.


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