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Epson Direct Corp.

Epson Direct selling new PC for creators, recommended for Clip Studio Paint.

(September 2018)


Epson Direct has added a new high-spec PC for professional creators to its lineup. The new computer is recommended for use with  Clip Studio Paint, the illustration, manga, and animation software by Celsys, and has been tested for operability with the software.

▼Epson Direct Shopping Site (Japanese) 


The new Endeavor MR4800E Select for illustration and manga is a recommended model for Clip Studio Paint, designed for professional creators in the fields of illustration, manga, and anime. Epson carefully selected all parts such as the cooling fan, and aimed to support creators by minimizing downtime through extensive testing. Users can also rest assured that Epson Direct confirmed operation of Clip Studio Paint on the new model. This PC can withstand heavy professional use, from smooth lines made with brush tools, to importing multiple materials, extracting line art from photos, and operating 3D characters.


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