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Human Academy Europe


Partnered with French manga and animation school Human Academy Europe

(October 2023)

Human Academy Europe opened in Angoulême, France in 2015 and is Europe's first school specializing in Japanese manga and animation, where students can learn about the techniques and culture. Many students aim to become professional manga artists, and several students have gone on to win awards such as the Newcomer Award from Japanese manga magazines.

Celsys is partnering with French manga and animation school Human Academy Europe.

Clip Studio Paint has been chosen as the digital art application used in Human Academy Europe courses, and Celsys' tutorials, videos, and other educational materials on Clip Studio Paint are also used to provide a full range of educational content.

Clip Studio Paint and Human Academy Europe are also providing Clip Studio Paint DEBUT for new artists who have no experience using digital drawing apps. This beginner grade of the app offers the essential features for getting started with digital illustration.

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