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Joint development for exclusive font “Clip Studio Comic” for Clip Studio Paint For richer dialogue expression

(March 2024)

Clip Studio Paint Ver. 3.0, which was released in March 2024, includes Clip Studio Comic, an exclusive font for Clip Studio Paint, that was developed in collaboration with IWATA CORPORATION.

Clip Studio Comic has a handwritten feel to appeal to comic creators, and includes four randomly appearing alternate contextual glyphs for each character. The ability to reproduce text as if it were handwritten allows for richer dialogue expression in comics, providing users with a wider range of expressive capabilities for their comic projects. This comic font can be used commercially for published comics, and is compatible with 27* languages.

Features of Clip Studio Comic
■ Based on characters drawn with Clip Studio Paint brushes, the font balances a handwritten look with readability

Created based on characters drawn with actual Clip Studio Paint brushes

■ Includes randomized alternate contextual glyphs
Includes 4 different glyph shapes that can appear in a random order in a single sentence

■ Automatically changes the single capital “I” to a crossbar I
Personal pronouns are detected from the context and automatically converted to an uppercase “I” with horizontal lines at the top and bottom (Crossbar I).

See here for launch news release

Celsys, through joint development efforts with other companies, will continue to provide a better creative environment for creators worldwide.



Since its establishment in 1920, Iwata has consistently developed typefaces to meet the needs of the times, such as Iwata Newspaper Typeface, Iwata Mincho Old, Iwata UD Font, and Minna-no-Moji. In recent years, they have developed and marketed a collaboration font with manga artist Tsutomu Nihei, as well as TOA Heavy Industries Font “TOA Heavy Industry” and “TOA Heavy Industries GRUNGE”.They handle commissioned development projects tailored to customer needs.


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