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KEI CORPORATION co.,Ltd. NAVIO, the artist circle catalog


Clip Studio online reader service links with NAVIO, the artist circle catalog

(April 2019)

Celsys is happy to announce that Clip Studio Share, our online reader service for sharing multi-page stories such as comics, is now linked with NAVIO, an electronic manga circle database. Users of NAVIO can now use the linked feature with Clip Studio Share to publish sample stories on their circle profile. This link feature began on December 7, 2018. Since it launched, more than 3,000 stories have been used as samples on NAVIO, creating an easier environment for artists to share their work.

▼NAVIO, the artist circle catalog (Japanese)

NAVIO is an electronic catalog run by Kei Corporation Co., Ltd. It covers profiles of artist circles attending doujin market events such as COMIC CITY. Kei Corporation runs the most doujin events Japan, with a total of over 160,000 artist circles registered at its events and more than 620,000 participating artists so far.

By linking NAVIO with Clip Studio Share, artist circles who attend events can add to their profile information on NAVIO and list up their art to be sold or post samples. With Clip Studio Share feature, they can even post multi-page samples in an easy-to-read format. With features for secret entry phrases, age restrictions, and various reading orientations, Clip Studio Share provides a smooth online reading experience whether on smartphone, tablet, or PC.

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