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[eBook Solution]Sample

Viewer Sample

Vertical scroll view

Suitable for smartphones. Shows comics by scrolling vertically, just like browsing a webpage.
Panel, webtoons, traditional page-based comics, and Komatoon with effects can be displayed this way.

Text view

Suitable for EPUB (reflow) content, including light and full-length novels.
The layout of the content is optimized for the screen size of the device used.

Sample courtesy of Ichikomi University Local Folklore Club (Mononoke Circle)
©Sumire Hoshimiya 2019 / ©ambit

Page view

Faithfully produces the appearance of a book by displaying pages a single pages or double-page spreads.

Panel view

Displays comic panels one-by-one like a slideshow according to the viewing devices’ screen size.
A variety of effects can be added to panel transitions. It is also possible to switch reading styles between panel-by-panel reading and vertical scrolling.

Image Compression Samples

Images can be compressed without sacrificing image quality, making it possible to deliver high-quality content in small file sizes, which, in turn, may reduce server costs, among others.

Panel view (black and white):3.4MB→1.0MB

Page view (black and white):4.1MB→2.0MB

Webtoon view (color):11.0MB→7.5MB

Customization Samples

Customizations, including changing the appearance of the reader UI, or adding extra functionality, are all possible, so it is easy to integrate the reader's look with your e-bookstore's branding and add other features to suit your purposes.

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