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Celsys is a total solution vendor in the e-book distribution industry, providing the Clip Studio READER e-book viewer, server management services, as well as website development and content creation support.


2022.11.14 Celsys releases research on automatic shading tool and automatic detection of simple drawings
2022.10.06 Celsys’ e-book viewer “Clip Studio Reader” now supports dynamic effects in vertical scrolling comics called “Komatoon”
2022.01.25 The case study with Fujiko-Pro Co., Ltd. - DORAEMON Channel was released
2021.04.09 Clip Studio Reader Lab released, the culmination of e-book research and development Technology for detecting panels and character faces in manga using AI unveiled

eBook Viewer "Clip Studio Reader"

Clip Studio Reader is an e-book reader that allows viewing vertically scrolling comics, such as Webtoons and Komatoons, by individual frames or pages with interval effects.It optimizes the reading experience of all sorts of comic genres for downloading and viewing on a variety of devices, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktop computers.Clip Studio Reader is available worldwide and has been adopted by over 1,200 content providers.

Celsys'Komatoon involves dividing traditional page-by-page comics into individual panels for online viewing in a vertical format. As well as image processing, layout changes, and coloring, more than 100 effects including transitions and vibrations can be added. Using this method to reuse already available comic panel data can help comic publishers reduce costs compared to creating webtoons from scratch.


"eBook Authoring Tool"

We provide eBook authoring tools for customers who produce eBook content. We handle the whole production process from scanning to authoring, including material checks and the generation of distribution data. We also provide unique content viewing options such as vertical scrolling, panel by panel viewing and full-screen pages (ePUB and Kindle), etc.

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