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WEB Engineer

Takehiro Kameda

- What kind of work do you do?

I’m in charge of the team that manages our creative support sites for Clip Studio. This team works on design, developing, and implementing new site features, as well as operating and maintaining our online services.In addition to designing and implementing apps, I am involved in a wide range of tasks, such as app development, conducting technological research, and working with other departments to discuss new features.
I’m also in charge of managing documents and reviewing internal developmental procedures to better the company from the inside out.

- How did you join Celsys?
I've been an engineer for about seven years and joined Celsys three and a half years ago.In my previous job, I mainly did internal system development-related work, but I wanted to work in service development as it is a position that directly affects and receives feedback from its end-users. I also wanted a job in the creative sector.
During that time, I came across Celsys, a company whose mission statement was to "support the activities of creators." It was a perfect fit, so I decided to join the company.

- What kinds of products and services do you oversee?
The creative support sites for Clip Studio are used by more than eight million creators worldwide.These services don’t only relate to our software Clip Studio Paint, but are useful for all kinds of graphic content creators and people interested in art.
Here, artists can help each other solve problems, share their expertise, and publish their art in new ways.
Although the services originated in Japan, they have been made available in seven languages and receive positive feedback both on our site and on social media.

- What do you focus on in your work?
I think I speak for my whole team when I say we are committed to providing better and better services. We strongly believe that good service begins with a good team, and to that end, each team member looks for ways every day to improve in a fun and positive way.
Many of our team members are already interested in graphic and digital content, which keeps us motivated and especially helps our younger team members to grow as engineers.
So, we acquire industry knowledge and technical skills while keeping an eye out for ways to improve our daily routines and development process, and then put them into practice on-site when we can.

- What parts of your job make you feel the most fulfilled or proud?
It's rewarding when I receive positive feedback from various sources about the services we develop and the features we improve. I'm confident the feeling is mutual among all of our employees.I feel most fulfilled when we release a new concept service and can watch the number of users grow.
Finally, I feel quite proud when I receive feedback from my fellow team members on improvements, document management, and so on. Whether it’s hearing that a process has made work easier, that something makes more sense, or that something has been made more convenient, it’s a good feeling to recognize how my work has an impact on others.

- What would you say are the best qualities of Celsys?
There are many examples, such as our track record of developing our own products with considerable market shares, our technical prowess, user trust, work-life balance as an engineer, and the continued growth of the company. What I find most appealing is the fact that our company is full of people with diverse backgrounds, cultures, and ways of thinking, yet we all share the same mission of supporting creative activities.
For me, our sense of unity as a company when it comes to goals and our enthusiasm to create better things are the best qualities of Celsys.

- What will you be working on in future and what are your aims? 
I want to help creators around the world focus more energy on their creative endeavors.Also, I would like to create a service that helps people who don't necessarily consider themselves artists or creators to realize that they, too, can enjoy the pleasure of creating.
To make this a reality, we’ll continue striving to improve as a team.

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