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App Verification Manager

Nari Shimada

- What kind of work do you do?
I manage the verification and quality department for the Clip Studio series.

Employee promotion system: From part-time with no experience to a full-time manager

- I heard that after joining the company part-time, you were later taken on as a salaried employee and later promoted to your current position. Can you tell us how you got there?
When I was a student, I studied social issues and education, and I was considering job hunting in that area, but education requires a toned-down appearance. I felt uncomfortable wearing a suit during my job search, and while I was doing some self-reflection, I found a part-time job opening at Celsys. I liked drawing pictures, and more than anything, I was attracted to the casual dress code, so I joined the company. I wasn't a user of the software, and I didn't even know what software verification was, but the work seemed to suit me, and I found it rewarding and worked hard. Before I knew it, I was a full-time salaried employee. I didn't have any particular desire for a management position either, but since I was originally interested in education, I guess I was suited for training and staff management, so I was approached when the post became available.

- You were appointed to your current position at a young age. Did you ever feel that there were any barriers due to your age or gender?
At the age of 28, I became a section manager, and four years later I became the deputy department head. I have never felt any barrier then or now due to my age or gender. I am able to communicate with other male managers on equal footing, and I have never felt discouraged. I feel that most of the people working at Celsys are able to communicate with each other on the job without being particularly conscious of age or gender. Perhaps because of this, many employees seem ageless. (laughs)

Working in my own style with gusto!

- I was told that there was a memorable moment with the company president when you became deputy department head. Can you elaborate on that?
As you can see, I don't think I look like a manager, but when I was promoted to deputy department head, the president said to me, "I want you to keep your sense of fashion and hairstyles, don't feel like you have to change your look to be a manager. Even in interviews, you should keep your pink and blond hair just as you are." Thanks to his words, I am still able to work very happily in my own style! Other people in the verification department also dye their hair bright blonde or blue, or come dressed in their own style. When others come to me wearing the fashion they love, it makes a positive impact on me and helps motivate me in my work.

- You mentioned earlier that you haven't felt any barrier or difference based on gender or age, but I think there are many who are concerned about balancing life events. Did you have any worries or concerns about taking on a management position?
When I first got married, I was a little worried about balancing my family life with a management position, but now I believe I can handle it well with my own ingenuity. Celsys starts at 10:00 a.m., which is a little late, so it's easy to make schedule adjustments, such as finishing chores in the morning.

The company has a receptive atmosphere, and I feel very grateful that they have appointed me to my current position in addition to considering any future life events. I will do my best to fulfill my role.

You can be involved in the growth of a digital art tool used by creators all over the world.

- What about Celsys appeals to you and what you find most rewarding about your work?
Personally, I like that I can work in my own style and I am free to wear my clothes and hair as I want. I think being able to be yourself and be natural allows you to enjoy your work and makes it easier to communicate within the workplace.

As for the rewarding part, the verification aspect of my job allows me to pick up user requests and global trends and discuss with the development team how to implement them into the product. Recently, we have added timelapse and webtoon features. I find it particularly rewarding to be involved in the growth of our digital art tools, be asked the best way to implement something, have my opinions reflected, have users around the world use it, and see their reactions.

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