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App Development Director

Tomoaki Yokotsuka

- What kind of work do you do?
Recently I've been focusing on developing software for developing Japanese content that will be consumed worldwide, particularly manga and animation. One of the products I'm in charge of is CLIP STUDIO PAINT.
My main jobs are specification development, where I think of how to turn requests from users and companies into actual features in the software, and coding, where I decide what will be in each software update and create source code for those things according to the specifications. The source code is like a blueprint for the software. 
- Could you give us a simple run-down of the products you work on? 
CLIP STUDIO PAINT is a manga production program where you can make print manga such as manga for commercial magazines, as well as other formats such as manga to be posted online or viewed on digital devices. One major point that sets CLIP STUDIO PAINT apart from other software is the fact that you can create black and white manga and full-color illustrations with the same program.
Other things that I think are unique about it are how naturally you can draw and paint with the brushes, its specialist manga tools like frame borders, saturated lines and balloons, its effect functions to help illustrators and manga artists, such as toning effects and watercolor effects, and its great range of ruler functions like perspective rulers and concentric circle rulers for easier drawing. 

- What parts of your job make you feel the most fulfilled or proud? 
I find extremely fulfilling to be able to actively turn my ideas into features in the software I am in charge of. Nothing makes me happier than when we release that software and lots of people use it and like it. Of course, there are times when things don't go so well. I frequently hit a wall.
But CELSYS likes people who keep trying without being afraid of failing. I want to take on a lot of new challenges in future.

- What will you be working on in future and what are your aims? 
I'm in charge of several products at the moment. I aim to capitalize on the strengths of each program to create the greatest possible synergy between them.
I want to provide even better services for our users in future and help our company to grow.

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